White lace sexy underwear Royal Sister


One of the most common colors in sexy underwear is white.The white lace sexy underwear has a fresh and gentle feeling, but also injects a sexy and unruly atmosphere, especially when wearing a female -like woman, which can also exert its charm.In this article, we will analyze the style of white lace sexy underwear.

Style analysis

The style of white lace erotic underwear is usually spliced with lace fabric, which allows women to show a sexy and elegant side, covering various offensive and sexy styles.Some designers even add small bows or double -row claws to make the sexy underwear more three -dimensional and gorgeous. You can even use tulle or mesh in the embedded part of the lace fabric.

color match

As one of the basic colors of underwear, white can be mixed with many other color schemes, such as black, red or dark blue.With black, it can show a noble and elegant aristocratic temperament; with red, it can create a luxurious and luxurious atmosphere; with blue, it can show an elegant and fresh atmosphere.

Size problem

When buying sexy underwear, be sure to pay attention to size problems.If the size is inappropriate, the underwear may be tight or loose, which will affect the comfort of the body.If you can wear appropriate sexy underwear to present a perfect female figure and personality, it will be refreshing.


It is important to correctly wear sexy underwear. To ensure a fixed location and maintain a sense of balance to avoid some embarrassing situations.Pay attention to the shoulder straps. Most of the sexy underwear will be equipped with metal hooks on the shoulder straps. We need to tie the shoulder straps correctly to ensure that they will not slide down the shoulders.White lace sexy underwear generally needs to be fixed with hooks.The adjustment of the hook eye position is also important, so that the underwear is fixed on the body.


Like other colors of sexy underwear, white lace sexy underwear can be matched in many ways.Pass the boudoir in Hanfu, or do not add any coats.If you want to wear a little conservative, you can consider adding a jacket or suit.

Attention to detail

Choose sexy underwear and pay attention to the details in detail.White lace sexy underwear is often more fine in detail, so pay attention to details such as buttons and lace when buying.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the fabrics of sexy underwear, whether it is breathable, soft, and comfortable to avoid discomfort when wearing for a long time.


When choosing a white lace sexy underwear, you need to consider wearing.For example, whether there are someone around you, whether you are in a diplomatic meeting.Wearing white lace sexy underwear makes people feel confident and amazing, but we must pay attention to the risk of being recognized.

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear should also be noted. The white lace sexy underwear should be washed with warm water or cold water. Do not stir with too hot water and washing machine to avoid destroying the delicate lace and affecting the appearance.Try not to use an iron instead of the dryer. Try to avoid high temperature drying when drying to avoid damaging the fabric.

White lace sexy underwear match

White lace sexy underwear can be matched with many different costume styles, such as court style, Japanese and Korean style, European and American style, etc.With the appropriate shoes and clothing, you can complete a perfect overall shape.


White lace erotic underwear is one of the perfect dressing. The texture of lace and the cutting of the underwear are very outstanding.Choose white lace sexy underwear to feel different female charm and sexy.

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