Which listed companies in sex underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a sexy, romantic, fashionable underwear, and gradually becomes the new darling in the consumer goods market.With the changes in social aesthetics, more and more women and men have begun to accept sexy underwear. In this regard, some domestic underwear brands have begun to produce and sell sexy lingerie products.This article will introduce sexy underwear listed companies in the domestic market.

2. Imeier

Imel underwear is a professional underwear brand that occupies a high share in the Chinese underwear market.Since 2000, Imel has begun to produce sexy underwear and has received a good response in the market.Imeier has a variety of sexy lingerie styles, from simple and practical to more complicated and high -level styles.

3. Hengjie

Hengjie underwear is one of the well -known underwear brands in China and the leader in the sex underwear market.Hengjie produced in sexual underwear style in moderate price, and there are also some high -end styles, which are relatively cost -effective.Heng Jie also provides consumers with personalized and personal customized services, allowing consumers to customize sex underwear based on their preferences and figure.

4. miiow

MIIIW is a more new sexy underwear brand in China. Through innovative design and research and development, it is constantly promoted.MIIOW’s erotic underwear not only has various fancy designs, but also high quality and moderate price. It is loved by consumers.

5. Aimer

Aimer is a Hong Kong underwear brand. It has developed more than 20 years in the Chinese market and has become one of the well -known Chinese brands.As early as ten years ago, Aimer began to produce sexy underwear. Aimer’s sexy lingerie styles were stylish, sexy, delicate, and good quality. It is a model of quality in the domestic erotic underwear market.

6. Victoria’s Secret

As a well -known Underwear brand in the United States, Victoria’s secret is one of the leading companies in the sex underwear market.Victoria’s secret sexy underwear is famous for sexy, fashionable, luxurious, not only exquisitely designed and high quality, but also very sophisticated in appearance, attracting many consumers.

7. Anlifang

An Lifang is a underwear brand founded in South Korea and has entered the Chinese market since 2013.An Lifang’s sexy underwear is mainly characterized by petite, exquisite, comfortable, and sexy. The product style is diverse and the price is moderate.

8. Rui Li

Ruili is a well -known domestic underwear brand. She has been focusing on fashion and comfort for many years, and has been recognized by many consumers.In recent years, Ruili has also begun to produce sexy underwear, stylish, bold, and unique in design.

9. Elegant

Johita underwear is a professional underwear brand, mainly for high -end consumer groups.The sexy underwear produced by Johnson is mainly dominated by noble, atmospheric, elegant, and high quality. It has good quality, high price, and team elites, revealing high -end temperament.

10. Really fashionable

True fashion is one of the more well -known sexy underwear brands in China. It is stylish and unique in design.Due to the fierce market competition, the price of real fashion underwear is relatively low, but it does not affect its quality and reputation.True fashion innovation has changed underwear from concepts to culture, becoming a benchmark brand in the industry.

Viewpoint: The domestic sex lingerie market has gradually matured. Among them, brands such as Imel, Hengjie, MIIOW, Aimer, Victoria have become the best in the sex underwear market.In addition, foreign -faced underwear brands, such as Victoria’s secrets, La Senza, Agent Provocateur, etc. also occupy a certain market share.It is foreseeable that the future sex underwear market will continue to maintain a growth trend.

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