Which county in Jiangsu has the most sexy underwear

Which county in Jiangsu has the most sexy underwear

With the development of society and the gradual change of people’s ideas, sexy underwear has become a popular culture today, and it is also sought after by young people.As a more developed province in my country, Jiangsu Province has also participated in the production and sales of sexy underwear to varying degrees, and has formed a distinctive industrial cluster.So, which county does the most sexy underwear?

1. "China Fun Underwear Production Base" -Changzhou Wujin District

Changzhou Wujin District is known as the "Chinese Instead Underwear Production Base", which can be said to be well -deserved.It is understood that there are more than 100 sexy underwear companies in the area, with an annual output value of over 12 billion yuan.Among them, some brands have been internationally internationally and have become the hearts of overseas customers.

Second, Wuhu County’s sexy underwear business district

Although there is a small population in Wuhu County, Anhui Province, the sexy underwear business district of the Dongqing Group is one of the local characteristics. It has thousands of sexy underwear manufacturers and countless sales points, which has become one of the important places for the sex underwear industry.

Third, the gathering place of worldwear brand in Liyang City

Liyang City is located in Tiger Hills in Suzhou City and is one of the famous underwear production bases in China.The number of underwear production enterprises in the city reaches more than 3,000, including many worldwear underwear brands, which is a commercial city with a large amount of color underwear in Jiangsu Province.

Fourth, Nantong’s prosperous sexy underwear industry

Nantong City is located in the central part of Jiangsu Province and is also one of the famous sexy underwear production in China.Local sex underwear companies have developed rapidly, and the types and quantities of sexy underwear products exported overseas have also greatly increased.

Fifth, beautiful Hanmo Garden and Xinghua sexy underwear industry

Xinghua, Wenzhou City, has created a sexy underwear base with international standards and all -round industrial clusters, which attracted a batch of batch of sexy underwear companies to Xinghua.

6. Suzhou sexy underwear industry with promising development

Suzhou is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, with a comprehensive development of the sexy underwear industry.Suzhou’s sexy underwear industry is still constantly innovating and developing. The industry has a bright future and a full market atmosphere.

Seven, Lianshui County’s sexy underwear manufacturing industry

The ancient human site of Lianshui County is a beautiful lake and forest surrounding.In the county, the sexy underwear manufacturing industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and the variety and quality are rich, which has become a happy mood.

8. The prosperous sex lingerie market in Yixing City

Yixing City is one of the important cities in southern Jiangsu Province. The local sexy underwear industry is in a relatively prosperous state, the market demand has continued to increase, and the production enterprises are constantly expanding.Prosperity market.

Nine, the traditional deep processing Jiangsu underwear industry in Taizhou

The underwear industry in Taixing City is mainly deep processing, and the product design and manufacturing have been made into a system, which has formed a number of well -known brand commercial cities, such as "underwear town".

10. The development status of the sex underwear industry in other counties and cities

In addition to the above counties and cities, the fun underwear industry in Zhenjiang City, Wuxi City, Xuzhou, Nanjing and other places also develop to varying degrees.Highlights.

In summary, in Jiangsu Province, the sexy underwear industry is mainly distributed in Southern Jiangsu, such as Wushuang District, Nantong, Puyang City, Wuxi City and other cities.In addition, the sex underwear industry in Zhenjiang City, Xuzhou City and other places is also in a relatively prosperous state.Although the scale and characteristics of industrial clusters in various counties and cities have different contributions in their respective fields.

Viewpoint: As people have deepened the concept of sexy underwear, the sexy underwear industry will be more and more concerned and supported by people.It is hoped that different counties and cities can strengthen exchanges and cooperation and jointly promote the development of the sexy underwear industry in Jiangsu Province.

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