Which country of sex underwear


As one of the fashion brands of women, sexy underwear is close and private, adding mystery and charm to women.Different countries have different sexy lingerie styles and cultural backgrounds. So which country’s sexy underwear is more distinctive?This article will be discussed for everyone.

Japanese sexy underwear

As one of the pioneers of sexy underwear, Japan has a variety of sexy lingerie styles, from cute, sweet to sexy, wild, and is good at using delicate details and tailoring to show the charm of women.

French erotic sheet

French sexy underwear is characterized by women’s inherent beauty and temperament. Its style is mostly elegant, exquisite, and romantic.French erotic underwear pays more attention to the cutting and texture at the bottom to make women more comfortable and free.

American erotic underwear

American erotic underwear is characterized by sexy and personalized. Its sexy lingerie has a variety of styles. It is everything from bra, underwear to panties.American sex lingerie also combines sports elements with sexy underwear, so that women can still maintain a different sexy charm in sports.

Korean sexy underwear

The characteristics of Korean sexy underwear are unique and strange design. Its styles are mostly equipped with different accessories and tassels, and the texture is lighter and breathable.At the same time, Korean sexy underwear also emphasizes the practicality and comfort of wearing.

Chinese erotic underwear

In recent years, with the gradual opening of sexual culture, China’s sexy underwear has gradually embarked on the stage.Chinese erotic underwear combines Chinese traditional cultural elements, such as satin, gold, embroidery, etc., and the combination of modern fashion styles. It is currently welcomed in the international market.

Italian erotic underwear

Italian sexy underwear is characterized by bright colors and unique prints. It often adds velvet, lace, and beads to the surface of the sexy underwear.The positioning of the brand is mainly for the high -end women’s market, and the style is also more luxurious.

German sexy underwear

The style of German erotic underwear is relatively fresh and natural, and does not like cumbersome and glittering decoration.In addition, German sexy underwear also attaches great importance to materials and tailoring, focusing on high -quality and cost -effective production methods.

British sexy underwear

The brand of British sex lingerie is mainly based on the taste of elegance and sexy charm, focusing on women’s noble temperament and skills.The sexy underwear is mostly made by the British brand for hundreds of years, and the texture and tailoring are the best.

Australian sexy underwear

Australia’s sexy underwear is mostly sexy, natural, comfortable and quiet as its own purpose. The appearance emphasizes the color matching and embroidery performance.Australian sexy underwear will also be made of lace and silk, making women feel soft and skinny.

Canadian sexy underwear

Canadian sexy underwear is the theme of leading the trend. Its designers are unique and often injected into new creative elements to create a unique sexy underwear style.Canadian sexy underwear pays more attention to the practicality of sexy underwear, allowing women to feel their sexy and confident.


Although the fun underwear style of each country is different, they are designed for women, so that women add confidence and charm while wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, different erotic lingerie styles and design can enhance the sexy charm of women to enhance different roles, and eventually make women the most confident and fascinating self.

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