Where to dry the sexy underwear

Where to dry the sexy underwear?

As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear needs to be paid special attention to it because of its materials and functions.This article will share some tricks and experiences for drying underwear to dry.

1. Avoid direct sun exposure (H2)

The sun will make the material of the sexy underwear brittle, lose elasticity and softness, so it is best not to put it directly in the sun.You can choose a balcony with a balcony or a better ventilation.

2. Try not to dry mechanically (H2)

Drying sex underwear with a washing machine may cause problems such as deformation, damage, and burrs.We recommend using a towel to wrap the sexy lingerie, squeeze it gently with our hands, let the excess water disperse, and then dry it.

3. Avoid drying the dryer (H2)

Drying opportunities can cause quality problems through high temperature and fast rotation, so avoid drying sex underwear in the dryer.

Fourth, dry different types of sexy underwear (H2) respectively (H2)

The materials used in different types of erotic underwear are different, so the method of drying them determines that they are also different.We recommend drying separately, such as silk, cotton, lace and other different types of sexy underwear in different positions.

Fifth, do not directly hang lace sexy underwear (H2)

The material of lace sexy underwear is relatively fragile and is easily damaged by buckle or pins.We recommend wrap the lace sexy lingerie with a bag and dry them with a hanger.

6. Start dry from the shape (H2)

Drying sex underwear from the shape can keep your sexy underwear in the original shape and will not cause deformation due to gravity.We recommend hanging the corner part of the sexy underwear on the hanger, which can reduce the chance of deformation.

7. Avoid horizontal stretching (H2)

When you hang the erotic underwear on the drying rack, be careful not to stretch or tighten them to avoid deformation.If you feel difficult to hang, you can put the sexy underwear on a dry towel, and then dry it.

8. Keep the sexy underwear dry (H2)

When drying sexy underwear, ensure full ventilation and make the sexy underwear quickly dry.If the sexy lingerie is too humid, it is easy to cause mold or odor and affect use.

Nine, avoid drying in public areas (H2)

Although sexy underwear is an adult product, it may cause trouble or embarrassment if it is placed in the public area.We recommend drying on our room or private balcony.

10. Summary (H2)

Although sexy underwear is a special underwear, there are some common tips and precautions during drying. For example, avoid direct sunlight, try not to dry up, avoid drying machines, and dry different types of sexy underwear.These measures can help us better protect our sexy underwear, allow them to better serve us, and ensure our safety and comfort.

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