Where to buy sexy underwear in the UK

It is not difficult to buy interesting underwear in the UK.There are all kinds of sexy underwear shops and merchants on the British shopping street and the Internet.If you are looking for some high -quality, unique sexy underwear, you will find some good choices here.This article will introduce where to buy sexy underwear in the UK.

1. Gaojie shop

In the UK, you can find some sexy underwear in most high street shops.For example, Ann Summers, this is a well -known sexy underwear store, it operates various types of sexy underwear and sex products.Other stores worth considering include Agent Provocateur, La Senza and Victoria’s Secret.These stores usually have sales venues and online stores for customers to choose to buy.

2. Online store

In the UK, many sexy underwear merchants provide online shopping services.This makes it easier and easier to buy sexy underwear.TIP: If you first shop online, make sure you check the credibility of the merchant and its return policy.Recommend a few online shops I have used: lovehoney, Figleaves, asos.

3. Private customization

If you want more unique sexy underwear, you can find some merchants who provide private customization services.These merchants will provide highly personalized sexy underwear according to your needs and preferences.Some recommended merchants: Lucile Lingerie, Kiss Me Deadly, Ayten Gasson.These businesses usually have their own online stores and are active on social media. You can contact them through their websites or social media.

4. Underwear package

Some merchants sell underwear packages. These packages usually contain a number of sexy underwear, which is very affordable for those who want to buy multiple underwear.For example, BlueBella provides a variety of underwear packages, with moderate prices and diverse underwear styles.

5. Second -hand store

If you want to eat some more unique and precious sexy underwear, you can also try to go to some second -hand stores and markets.In these second -hand shops, you can find some money -paying sexy underwear and style underwear in the 1960s and 1970s.No matter which city you are in, there will be some local markets and second -hand stores to visit.

6. Gift card

If you want to give your partner a benefit, you can consider giving away a sex lingerie gift card.Gift cards allow your partner to choose your favorite sexy underwear, fully show your concern for TA without losing surprises and mystery.

7. Payment method

Many merchants support a variety of payment methods such as Alipay, credit cards and PayPal, which is convenient for consumers to choose payment methods.When purchasing, it is recommended to check whether there is a payment security identification or encryption logo at the bottom of the webpage to ensure the security of the payment.

8. Size measurement

Make sure you know your size so that you can avoid the inappropriate situation of return or embarrassing size.If you are not sure of the size, you are recommended to try on the store or check the size table on the website, and select the size according to your body size.

Viewpoint: Britain provides a variety of sexy underwear shopping options. Whether you are looking for high -quality sexy underwear or unique, personalized underwear packages or private customization services, you can find your favorite style among many businesses.But at the same time, please make sure to see the security logo at the bottom to avoid unnecessary trouble when paying.

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