Where is the sexy underwear in Shanghai

Where is the sexy underwear in Shanghai?

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more loved by young people, but it is difficult to find professional sexy underwear shops in the Shanghai market. So where can I buy sexy underwear in Shanghai?

1. Tianzifang

Tianzifang is an old district and a fashion place.There are many literary shops, including various artistic lingerie shops full of artistic atmosphere.The sexy underwear products here are mostly created by designers themselves, with high uniqueness and artwork.

2. Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street

As one of the hottest shopping streets in Shanghai, there are various large shopping malls on the Pedestrian Street in Nanjing East Road, and there are also some distinctive sexy underwear shops. The price is relatively civilian, which is more suitable for the shopping needs of the general public.

Third, Jiuguang Department Store

Jiuguang Department Store, located in the Nanjing West Road Commercial District, is a very distinctive department store. It not only has fashion and avant -garde trendy sexy underwear, but also a relatively high -quality international brand sexy lingerie to choose from. The price is slightly more expensive, but quality and styleIt’s all good.

Fourth, sea world

There are many sexy underwear shops in the sea world. There are many sexy lingerie styles here, and the price is relatively affordable.The shopping environment is also very comfortable, which can meet consumers’ shopping experience.

Fifth, Xujiahui Chamber of Commerce

All kinds of shopping malls in the Xujiahui business district have fun underwear stores, the prices are more affordable, and the quality and style of products provided at the same time are relatively abundant.If you want to buy some sexy and practical sexy lingerie, it must be a good choice here.

Six, Qibao Old Street

Qibao Old Street is a well -known cultural district in Shanghai. Most of the sexy underwear shops here are family operations, fresh style, strong national characteristics, and prices are relatively close to the people.

Seven, Jiading Old Street

Jiading Old Street is one of the most intact traditional commercial blocks in Shanghai. This is some shops that operate sexy underwear. Especially the genuine folk brands are very popular, with affordable prices and diverse styles.

8. Jinghua City Shopping Center

Jinghua City is one of the most representative large shopping malls in the Hongqiao area. There are many sexy underwear brand stores, which are relatively high -end, but the quality and quality of the product are trustworthy.

Nine, Huaihai Road Shopping Area

The Huaihai Road Shopping Area is one of the most famous business districts in Shanghai. Most of the sexy underwear shops here have gathered European and Oriental styles. The price is medium and the product types are rich. You can find your favorite sexy underwear here.

Ten, Hongqiao Tiandi

Hongqiao Tiandi is a composite shopping mall that integrates business and art. Most of the sexy underwear shops here are well -known brands in the world. The product quality and style are superior, and the price is relatively high.

in conclusion

In general, it is more convenient to buy sexy underwear in Shanghai. It is more suitable for citizens with higher cost performance to go shopping and discover.If you are a person who pays more attention to the brand, the price will be relatively high, but the quality and brand recognition will be higher.

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