What will you write when you buy sex underwear express delivery

1. Transportation information

When you buy sexy underwear, express delivery usually provides a transportation information.This information allows you to track the location of your sexy underwear during transportation.

2. Packal logo

Because sexy underwear is a private item, express delivery usually indicates descriptions such as "private items" or "special products", and will not specifically marked the types of underwear.However, in order to ensure privacy, some express delivery will be marked with "please privately dismantle baggage" and other reassuring words.

Third, confidential packaging

In order to ensure the privacy of customers, many sexy lingerie websites will transport sexy underwear with confidential packaging.Even if the unrelated personnel are disassembled, the content in the package is not a sexy underwear.These packaging is usually black or gray, with the logo of the online shop or a similar target.

Fourth, package safety

Sex underwear needs to be fully protected during transportation to avoid damage or loss.For this reason, many erotic underwear websites use special packaging or strengthen the structure of the packaging to ensure that the sexy underwear in the package will not be damaged or lost.

5. Express time limit

There are diverse types of sexy underwear, with limited sizes.Therefore, the time limit for express delivery is very critical for buyers.In order to ensure that the goods can arrive within the agreed time, it is recommended to check the transportation time information on the courier carefully before placing the order, and choose as appropriate according to actual needs.

6. Privacy protection

Buying sexy underwear is a very personal thing, so it is important to protect privacy.The formal erotic underwear website uses encryption technology to ensure that the customer’s personal information will not leak to an irrelevant third party.

Seven, customer service services

When shopping online, customer service services are very important.If you encounter problems in the shopping process, or have any questions about sexy underwear, you can contact the customer service department of the sex underwear website, and they will provide professional help and suggestions.

8. After -sales service

Some sexy underwear websites provide customers with after -sales service.If you are dissatisfied with the sexy underwear you buy or have quality problems, you can return the after -sales service provided by the website.

Nine, the quality of items

The quality of sex underwear is essential for buyers.Choosing a regular sexy underwear website can ensure that the items you buy have good quality.

10. Choose a website that trusts

Finally, it is recommended that buyers choose the sexy underwear website of trust.This can ensure that the sexy underwear you buy is high -quality, and it will be fully protected during transportation.

In short, when buying sexy underwear, you can find some practical tips from this information.Keep trust, protect privacy, and choose good websites and courier services to better enjoy the romance, happiness and happiness brought by sexy underwear.

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