What to do after sex underwear returned

1. Overview of the return policy

When choosing a sexy underwear, if you buy inappropriate or defective products, you can take the initiative to contact the seller for return.The return policy can be understood before purchasing, and different merchants may have different regulations.

2. Check the status of the product

Before returning the goods, you need to check whether the situation of the product is intact.If any damage may affect the success of the return.It is recommended to take a photo record of the product before mail to be used as evidence if necessary.

3. Contact the seller

If you confirm that you want to return, you need to contact the seller in time.You can contact online chat, telephone, or email to illustrate relevant information such as the cause of the return, order number and other related information.

4. Arrange the flow of goods

The seller may provide a return method based on the cause of the return, such as free pick -up, return to the store, or need to mail the consignor by themselves.It is necessary to operate according to the return method provided by the seller and pay attention to the state of the flow of goods.

5. Return period Note

Most merchants will have the restrictions of the return period and need to complete the return process within the specified time.Generally speaking, the return time will not exceed seven working days, otherwise the return may not be processed.

6. Keep the original state of the product

During the return process, it is necessary to maintain the original state of the product and not be artificially damaged or changed.If the product is not the same model, the same color or the same size, the merchant may not accept the refund, which will not be able to return the goods.

7. Waiting for the seller to handle

After the return is successful, you need to wait for the seller to deal with it.The seller will check the status of the product. If it meets the return conditions, it will be refunded or re -shipped.Need to wait patiently and pay attention to the relevant notice.

8. Record the return process

After the return is successful, it is necessary to record the return process, including the return time, method, refund amount and other information.In the next shopping process, this information may be helpful to judge the quality of the product or choose a merchant.

9. Pay attention to protect personal information

During the return process, the safety of personal information needs to be protected.In particular, personal information needs to be provided when returning goods, such as Alipay accounts, bank card numbers and other sensitive information, which requires confidentiality.

10. Summary

Returning is a common consumer right that needs to be carried out in a timely and standardized.In order to avoid unnecessary losses and troubles, you can understand the merchant’s return policy in advance and follow the return process.In addition to paying attention to size, styles, materials and other factors when choosing sexy underwear, return is also an important part of the need to pay attention to during the purchase process.

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