What sexy underwear is wearing a small chest

Fairy underwear styles that you need to pay attention to

As an expert in sexy underwear, many female friends will come to ask what kind of erotic underwear wearing a small breast to better set off the beauty.First of all, we must be clear that small breasts are not disadvantages. The correct sexy underwear choice can make your figure more beautiful and charming.

Choose sexy underwear with lace decoration

Lace decorative erotic underwear can not only shift the sight from the chest to other parts of the body, but also can create a clear sense of coverage, making your body more petite and exquisite. Whether it is sexy or cute style is a good choice.

Try a sling underwear or open -back underwear

Women with small breasts can also choose suspended underwear or back underwear to show soft shoulders and back curves, which not only makes themselves more sexy, but also effectively stretch the body proportion.

Garma perspective jelly

The versatile underwear is made of light and breathable material, which is comfortable and does not give people a heavy feeling. It can show the small and exquisite figure on the chest.

Gathering sexy underwear

Gathering sexy underwear is a underwear that is close to the chest. It can push the chest together and increase the visual effect of the chest. At the same time, make the body curve more perfect and make your body more charming.

Choose the right chest pad

The chest pads can have a breast enhancement effect. Try to choose the chest pads with good quality and shape, and transfer some visual center of gravity to the chest, giving a plump visual effect.

Don’t ignore the function of adjusting the shoulder strap

The tightness of the adjustment of the shoulder strap can adjust the chest height to adapt to the effect of different types of sexy underwear, and adjusting whether it is appropriate will directly affect the effect of body beauty.

Choose the size of your own size

It is crucial to choose the size of your own size. Choosing too small sizes will feel squeezed, which will make your body uncomfortable. Excessive size will affect the effect of the entire erotic lingerie style. Choose the one that suits you for you.The size is very important.

Don’t use too much decoration on your chest

Use too much decoration on the chest to snatch the aesthetic effect of the chest curve. Therefore, if you want to make your body more perfect, try to avoid using too much decoration.

in conclusion

How to wear a sexy curve is not determined by the size of the chest. The chest is not the only visual center of gravity. It is the most critical to choose a suitable size with the right size.I hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you.

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