What sexy lingerie to buy


With the continuous progress of technology, there are more and more types of sexy underwear. From the original simple style to the current complex design, the type of sexy underwear has become more and more.But on the other hand, many people are still confused. How should we choose the sexy underwear that suits them best?In this article, we will introduce some suggestions for how to choose the style that is best for you.

Select according to the occasion

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is the occasion.For example, on Valentine’s Day or anniversary, you may want to choose some more and more romantic underwear, such as lace style, feather style, and so on.And if you wear in daily life, comfort and practicality will become more important.

Choose according to body shape

Everyone’s body shape is different, so different sexy lingerie styles will have different effects on different people.For example, if you are a full chest, it is especially important to choose the right bra.If you want to find more support and protection, then the bras of the whole cup may be a better choice.If you want to highlight the chest lines, you need to choose a protruding triangle cup or thickened bra.

Choose according to your preferences

Another important factor in choosing a sexy lingerie style is personal preference.Some people want to wear more sexy and bold sexy underwear, while others may prefer soft and mild underwear.This depends on the preferences of different people, so it is more important to do not give up their preferences to please others.


When choosing a sexy underwear, material is also a very important factor.Some people prefer linen, cotton or silk materials, while others want to choose lace, gauze or other sexy materials.No matter what kind of materials you choose, you must ensure that you feel comfortable and high -quality without causing any discomfort and itching.

Follow details

Pay attention to details when choosing sexy underwear.For women, charm is not just naked or sexy.Sometimes a small detail can also have a great impact.For example, adding some decorations such as beads, tassels, etc. in design can make the entire underwear more unique and attractive.

Why buy sexy underwear?

In addition to increasing fun and sexual fun to buy sexy underwear, there are some more practical reasons.For example, they can help improve their body shape and make people feel more confident and beautiful.In addition, wearing sexy underwear that meets the occasion can make you feel more natural and relaxed, and inject motivation for work and life all day.

Issues that need to be considered when buying

When buying sexy underwear, you also need to consider several issues.The first is the size problem, you have to ensure that the size you buy is appropriate.Followed by color issues, confirm whether the color you buy conforms to your own skin color and personal preference.

Pay attention to the problem

After buying a sexy underwear, you have to wear them, but there are problems to pay attention to when wearing.The most important thing is to ensure that the underwear is suitable for your body shape without having wear or discomfort.In addition, it is best to wash and dry the hand according to the washing instructions to ensure the long -term service life of the underwear.

Brand choice is also very important

Finally, you also need to consider whether the selected brand is reliable.The brand’s ingredients, production technology, after -sales service, price and word of mouth may cause very large differences.Therefore, do a detailed understanding before buying, or listen to the purchase experience of others to gain a better purchase experience.

in conclusion

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. It can increase self -confidence and charm and bring different fun to life and sex.In summary, the factors that you need to consider to choose sexy underwear include occasion, body shape, personal preferences, materials, details, and so on.After consideration, it is best to buy some brands of reliable sexy underwear, especially for those who want to wear and enjoy the joy of sex for a long time.

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