What makeup looks good in sexy lingerie?

What makeup should sex underwear be matched with?

While showing women’s charm, sexy underwear also needs to be matched with appropriate makeup to perfectly present the sexy and beauty of women.So, what makeup should sex underwear be matched with?Let’s introduce to you:

The first makeup: light makeup

Light makeup is a relatively natural makeup that makes people feel like no makeup, and it is also very suitable for sexy underwear.Because the sexy underwear itself is sexy enough. If you match the makeup that is too strong, it may destroy the beauty of the entire wear.And light makeup can not look too much while highlighting women’s characteristics, both suitable for formal occasions and leisure time.

The second makeup: charm red lips

Charm red lips are a classic makeup, which can make women more charming.This makeup can set off the red series in sexy underwear, emphasizing the sexy and red temptation of women.If you feel that the charming red lips are too strong, and it is not convenient to match the formal occasion, it is a good choice at a date or private moment.

Third makeup: smoky eye makeup

Smoky eye makeup is a more violent makeup, which makes people feel very sexy and tempting.This makeup is suitable for black or dark sexy underwear, which can make women more sexy and hot.If you want to shine in the nightclub or party, you can choose smoky eye makeup.

The fourth makeup: blue eye shadow makeup

Although the blue eye shadow looks relatively cold, it is also a very personal makeup.With sex underwear, it can make women emit a very unique temperament while sexy.You can usually choose a dark blue eye shadow, and in the party or more formal occasions at night, you can choose a bright blue eye shadow.

Fifth makeup: nude makeup

Naked makeup is a "makeup -free" makeup, which can maximize the natural beauty of women.This makeup is suitable for sexy underwear with obvious colors and shades, which can highlight the skin’s skin luster and add a natural and fresh atmosphere.

The sixth type of makeup: a stronger feeling

If you want to wear a more heavyweight feeling, you can choose a strong makeup.This makeup is suitable for black or dark sexy underwear, which can highlight the intriguing temperament of women.

Seventh makeup: pink makeup

Pink is the exclusive color of women, so pink makeup is also a very good choice in sexy underwear with makeup.This makeup is gentle and sexy, especially for women with fair skin, pink makeup can make women have a delicate atmosphere.

Eighth makeup: natural makeup

Natural makeup is a kind of makeup that retains the original appearance, which can highlight the beauty of women.This makeup is suitable for the color of the clothes with relatively bright and gorgeous sexy underwear.Natural makeup can make women the most attractive self.


Sex underwear can be properly matched with makeup, which can make women more attractive and confident, and at the same time, it can also make it more perfect.Wearing erotic underwear with makeup is a way to express feminine charm. Therefore, women should choose different makeup according to different occasions to let themselves beautiful and glorious.

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