What kind of erotic underwear to send my wife

What kind of erotic underwear to send my wife

As a special silk product, sexy underwear has always been a popular product in the adult products market.For husbands and wives, choosing a suitable sexy underwear to his wife can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also a way to enhance interest and sex.But how to buy to achieve satisfactory results?This article will give suggestions for buying sexy underwear for different needs and situations.

1. European and American style sexy underwear

Most of the European and American sexy underwear uses lace, transparency and simple design, suitable for those who like fresh and simple, and have some creative needs to buy.The design is simple and fresh, luxurious European and American sexy underwear can make my wife feel a different sense of fashion.The texture of transparent lace can be gently wrapped in the body, but it will still retain the sexy side.However, it should be noted that for such sex underwear, size selection and body size, it is very important. When buying, you need to carefully measure the body size to ensure the comfort of wearing.

2. Lighting and sexy sheets

Luminous sexy underwear can bring a unique visual experience, suitable for people who are creative and pursue for fun.This type of underwear is novel, and most of them are made of fluorescent stickers or other conductive materials.Wearing this underwear, you only need to have light sources in a dark environment to show the brilliant charm of the starry sky.But for couples, even if you buy this underwear, you should pay attention to maintaining moderate, do not excessively show off your body or preach your personality hobbies.

3. Pregnant women’s sexy container

As a lover in pregnancy, it is definitely hoping to get more concern. After all, in this special period, women need to pay more attention and love.And pregnant women’s sexy underwear is one of the recommendations.The design of this underwear can not only change the body changes in the pregnant woman, but also provide some light and soft fabrics to make the experience more comfortable.For husbands and wives in long -distance love, such sex underwear can better reflect the gentleness, consideration and care of each other.

4. Set style sexy underwear

For those who value a full set, set sexy underwear is a good choice.As the name suggests, suits often include many items, such as lace dresses, slings, gloves, etc.The set of sexy underwear highlights the curve and beautiful body of women, and has a sense of design.Between husband and wife, when using a set of sexy underwear, you can also add some fun and matching fun.

5. Fresh lace sexy underwear

Fresh lace sexy underwear is usually made of lace, silk and other fabrics through complex weaving and processing.The texture and design of fresh lace can show the elegance and sexy of women, and at the same time, it can also present a fresh and natural atmosphere.For couples who have been married for many years, fresh lace sexy underwear is a more traditional purchase option, but it is also suitable for people who pursue packaging and internal quality.

6. Perspective with sexy underwear

The perspective belt is a relatively new sexy lingerie style. Through the perspective belt, people can see the sexy underwear in the inside.For perfectionists, perspective belt underwear can make their bodies more beautiful and stylish.However, the perspective belt underwear is generally made of transparent or translucent fabric. When wearing, you need to match clothes to avoid being exposed. At the same time, you need to pay attention to choosing styles and sizes to ensure comfort and wear effect.

7. lace sexy underwear

In sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear is one of the classics.The sexy underwear made of lace has a variety of colors and styles, allowing people to add more imagination in fantasy.The overall performance gives people a delicate, soft, and gorgeous feeling, suitable for women who pay attention to texture.For husbands and wives, it can not only increase the love between each other, but also increase the joy between husband and wife.

8. Three -dimensional carvings are sexy underwear

The three -dimensional carving is a style of sexy underwear, not a fixed style.It is characterized by the design of flowers. The temperament is very strong and impressive.The creative and design of three -dimensional carving sexy underwear can show a sense of creation, slenderness, and softness, and shows a gorgeous and delicate beauty.Women who want to shape their own temperament through sexy underwear can choose this type of underwear.

9. Hot pants sexy underwear

Hot pants sexy underwear is a sexy underwear launched by women who are more open and good at expressing themselves.It is a product based on hot pants based on hot pants, which can make people walk more comfortably on the middle line of temperament and sexy.If you want to show the lines of temperament and legs, and at the same time want to reflect your self -confidence, then hot pants sexy underwear is a product worth buying.

10. Mix and match sexy underwear

For those women with their own unique style and like personalized, mixed -match sexy underwear is another very good choice.Mixed -match sexy underwear breaks the traditional matching method, and the underwear combination of different colors, different materials, and different designs into a unique combination.The quality and temperament of this sexy underwear is closely related to the development and growth of husband and wife.If the husband and wife can add more interesting elements in life and marriage, it is more beneficial to the relationship between the two parties.

In general, sexy underwear, as a member of the adult product market, requires us to follow the mode of moderate principles and do not over -interpret or talk about sexual -related levels.Interest underwear is just a product form that can increase interest and quality of life. It is more a reflection of a psychological state and lifestyle.Good erotic underwear needs to be appropriately selected and purchased according to your own needs and preferences.

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