What kind of erotic underwear is divided into

What kind of eyes are divided into sex underwear?

Whether in the European and American markets or the Asian market, sexy underwear is more than just part of sex toys. They have become a category of fashion wardrobe, a way for many women to show their sexy, confident and calmness.However, when buying sexy underwear, many people will find that there are many different styles and categories to choose from, which is why it is difficult for them to make choices.To solve this problem, I divide the sexy underwear into 8 categories so that you can better choose your favorite sexy underwear.

1. Bra underwear

The bra is an important part of sexy underwear, including massage bra, bra, branches, triangle bra, celebrities bra and so on.Massage bra can help women increase the blood circulation of the chest and achieve the effect of breast enhancement; the bra is suitable for women of different body shapes to play and support breasts; triangular bra is a sexy, sexy and light underwear.Classic branches emphasize luxury and luxury, often used in important or special occasions.

2. Women’s underwear underwear

Women’s bottom pants are one of the basic components of women’s erotic underwear, including thongs, T -shaped pants, briefs, high -waisted beautiful hip pants.Through pants and T -shaped pants are usually low waist, which can show beautiful curves and perfect hips; briefs are usually suitable for women with higher waist; high -waist beautiful hip pants are a compressed underwear, which can be shaped.Effect.

3. Self -stick cup rubber bird underwear

Self -stick cup glue bird underwear, also known as "invisible underwear", has no shoulder straps and straps, and is designed as no loose underwear.They are suitable for dressing, tube top clothes, and other clothes that need to have no strap bra.

4. Sligue skirt

The suspender skirt is a skirt with light, soft, sexy and feminine.Their length and style varies from style. They can choose to wear camellia, crystal, weaving or denim sling skirts.The suspender skirt is usually equipped with underwear and bra to integrate together for easy wear and wear.

5. Short skirt underwear

Short skirt underwear is usually sexy underwear like short skirts.They are usually equipped with shorts to help keep underwear and beautiful leg lines.The length and style of the short skirt are different. You can choose a suspender, rose, and printed style.

6. top underwear

The top underwear includes suspenders, shoulders and vests.They can be designed to wear under the top or shirt, and in maintaining comfortable colleagues, they can increase the curve of certain charm areas.

7. Leather underwear

Compared with ordinary underwear, leather underwear will be more complicated and durable.Leather underwear is usually used in the combination of various sexy, lingering and torture elements.They are also often used for adult gatherings and role -playing.

8. Accessories underwear

Accessories of underwear include various stockings, gloves, hats, hair clips, masks, masks and eye masks.While people are open -minded, they can show their sexy and charming style.

in conclusion:

Each woman can find the style of sexy underwear that satisfies her needs. Through careful purchase and selection, it can not only increase self -confidence and sexy, but also show their personalized fashion taste.

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