What is the name of sexy underwear in the United States

The demand for sexy underwear in the US market is increasing. However, these clothing is usually not called "sexy underwear" in the United States. They have their own unique names. Next, I will introduce you what is called in the United States.

1. intmate apparel

In the United States, sexy underwear is usually called "Intimate Apparel".It refers to various types of sexy underwear, including sexy underwear, adult underwear, hot lingerie, etc. Therefore, this term contains a wide range of underwear types.

Second, lingerie

Lingerie is a word borrowed from French. It is usually used to describe a softer style, such as silk pajamas, sexy bra and panties.This word is more subtle and elegant than the Intimate Apparel, suitable for publicity for high -end sexy underwear brands.

3. Sexual Apparel

Although this word is not very common, in some cases, some merchants will use Sexual Apparel to describe highly sexy sexy underwear.This word is more direct, more exciting, more commercial, and more suitable for those sexy clothing brands with high degree of commercialization.

4. Erotic Lingerie

Erotic Lingerie means "Lyingerie Erotiche" in Italian, which is usually used to describe some very sexy or teasing underwear.The term of this word is short, because most brands will not describe their products as "Erotic".


SEDUCTIVE Wear means "temptation clothing", which describes those sexual and seductive underwear with attractive and tempting.This word is more direct and accurate than "intmate apparel", which is very suitable for marketing and advertising.

6. Adult Wear

Adult Wear is a term used to describe women’s and men’s sexy underwear, including a large number of sexy clothing, such as sexy tights, teasing bras, sensitive underwear, and some other seductive clothes.

7. Bedroom Attire

Bedroom Attire is suitable for those sexy underwear with more bedroom atmosphere. These clothes usually have a softer tone material. They usually show a more comfortable and elegant bedroom atmosphere.

8. Sexy Nightwear

Sexy Nightwear is a term describing women’s particularly sexy pajamas and various night dresses.American women are generally very interested in this kind of clothing, which is conducive to merchants to promote marketing.

Nine, Exotic Apparel

Exotic Apparel is used to describe those more unique sexy underwear. This kind of clothes often have high interest, fashion, and more sexy styles and designs.

10. Conclusion

From the above description, it can be seen that in the American sexy underwear is called a variety of different names. This is because many sexy underwear involves sensitive themes, so it needs to be described using more shy languages.No matter which term you choose, any good brand should provide you with high -quality and connotative sexy underwear products, making your match more perfect and creating a more confident and charming sexy image.

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