What is the braid of sexy underwear?

What is the braid of sexy underwear?

When choosing a sexy underwear, you may often see the word braid, but you don’t know what it means.In fact, the braid is a decoration covering the shoulder straps or straps on the sexy underwear, and its role is actually far more than beautiful.

Beautiful braid decorative effect

First of all, the braids of sexy underwear are a beautiful decoration.Different manufacturers’ braid length, material, and color will be different. Some braids even echo the pattern on the underwear fabric, thereby enhancing the visual effects of the entire underwear and making the wearer more sexy and charming.

The shrinking performance of the braid

The braid also has a shrinking performance, which can allow the wearer to freely regulate the tightness of the underwear.The method of adjusting the tightness is also very simple, as long as the braid is tightened.The range of braid shrinkage is roughly about 5cm. Wearingists can easily achieve perfect personal effects as long as they make fine -tuning according to their own needs.

The non -slip performance of the braid

Another function of the braid is the non -slip of the shoulder strap.When wearing underwear, the shoulder strap often falls, affecting wearing comfort and aesthetics.With the design of the braid, the shoulder strap can fit the shoulders more closely, and it will not fall off easily even during strenuous exercise.

Personal customization of braids

In addition to the above functions, the braids can also be customized and designed and produced according to personal needs.You can create more fit underwear braids based on the body shape and shoulder structure, further enhance comfort and sexy.

Features of the material of the braid

Most of the braids are made of elastic material, such as spandex and rubber.These materials have excellent telescopic and rebound, and they will not lose their original elasticity and texture even if they wear it for a long time.

The style and color of the braid

There are many styles and colors on the market on the market, including black, white, red, gold, silver and so on.Different colors and styles can match more different styles to meet the requirements of different wearers on color style.

How to wear braids correctly

When wearing a sexy lingerie braid, you need to pass the braid and tighten the braids, so that the braids can be fully covered with the shoulder strap, so as to exert its greatest effect.At the same time, when adjusting the tightness, you need to pay special attention not to pull too tight, otherwise it will cause uncomfortable wear or even traces.


In short, the braids of sexy underwear are a small but indispensable design. Its beauty, contraction, non -slip, customized multi -functional characteristics have brought a more comfortable and sexy experience to the wearer.

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