What do you feel when wearing sex underwear?

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a unique women’s underwear. Its design is mainly to improve the sexy and irritating sense of intercourse.They usually have a large amount of perspective design, and their texture is often soft, comfortable and breathable materials.

Sex underwear type

There are usually two types of sexy underwear: opening or closed.Among them, the open -style sexy underwear is designed to open a opening in the women’s private part, so that men can do intercourse without taking off their underwear.The closed sexy underwear is completely wrapped in women, without any mouth, but more of the imagination that emphasizes sexy and sex.

Why do you wear a stuttering underwear?

Break tradition and improve tradition.There are many restrictions on traditional underwear. Traditional underwear is fixed. Women need to take off their underwear before they can do intercourse, which makes interest lack of irritation and fun.The existence of opening and sexy underwear broke this restraint, so that women can experience more freedom and fun in intercourse.

Feeling the feeling of wearing a mouthful of sexy underwear

It is completely different from wearing a sexy underwear and wearing ordinary underwear.What makes women most special is that there is no need to take off underwear during intercourse.This makes fun richer and interesting.In the process of orgasm, the pleasure of opening sexy underwear is unmatched by other underwear.

Design and material selection of opening sex underwear

Open erotic underwear is usually made of soft, breathable fabrics.Because it involves almost everyone’s private parts, the softer fabric is breathable and makes it more comfortable.In addition, the open -style sexy underwear also has many creativity in design, such as lace, net eye, transparent and bundle mouth.

What should I pay attention to when choosing an open sexy underwear?

First of all, consider size size, too tight or loosening will affect the comfort and sexuality of wearing.Second, check whether the fabric contains fibers and whether there is an allergic reaction.Furthermore, it is necessary to consider whether the color matching is suitable and whether it is matched with the skin color of the franchise object


Wearing a sexy underwear, do not put on your head directly. It is recommended to wear it from your feet first, and then wear it with details. Finally, adjust it to the most suitable state. This can make the sexy lingerie more comfortable to wear.The ground reflects its excellent sexy charm.

Open sex underwear maintenance

Sex underwear is made of fine handmade, so it cannot be washed and dried.It is best to use cold water hands, but remember to select neutral detergents to avoid damage to fabrics.Dry after washing, not exposed to the sun. Long -term exposure in the sun will make the fabric too fragile.The method of maintaining sexy underwear is also applicable to common underwear.

Open sex underwear suitable for all women?

This answer is yes.You can wear it without physical problems.Open erotic underwear is a very unique underwear that can provide completely different fun and stimulus to every different women.Choose the material and style that suits you, and put on underwear will have a different sexy and wonderful experience.

in conclusion

It is an unforgettable experience when wearing a sexy underwear. It is easy for people to fall into a state of joy and sensory stimulus.For example, it can bring more excitement and fun to the sex life between husband and wife.Therefore, it is definitely worth trying to experience the unique feelings of wearing sexy underwear.

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