What are the sexy underwear factories in salt steps

Salt step is one of the important centers of the production and export of Chinese sex underwear.There are many erotic underwear factories here. They produce a variety of erotic lingerie such as beautiful sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear.If you are interested in entering the sex underwear industry or are only interested in sexy underwear, then it is necessary to understand what interesting underwear factories are in salt steps.This article will introduce you to several sexy underwear factories in Yanbu to help you better understand the love underwear industry.

1. Hongyan Intellectual Underwear Factory

It is located in Yanbu Municipal and Town Industrial Park. It was established in 2012. It is mainly specializing in the production of beautiful sexy underwear.The company is exquisitely designed and guaranteed, and is popular with young women.The company’s sales network covers all parts of the country and exports to Europe and the United States.It is worth mentioning that the company not only has unique features in design, but also focuses on environmental protection, and uses high -quality fabrics and environmental protection printing and dyeing processes.

2. There is a love underwear

Established in 2008, it is a professional company engaged in sexy underwear production and sales.There are many erotic underwear such as sexy bra, sexy panties, and sex clothes in love underwear.The company has an independent design team that can provide customers with professional personalized services.Adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first", the company sells all over the country and even overseas markets.

3. Yanbu City Charm Fairy Underwear Factory

The company is a modern technology company integrating R & D, production and sales.The company’s brand focuses on the "Charming" series of sexy underwear products, including women’s sexy underwear, men’s sex lingerie, sexy underwear and other styles.The company focuses on researching market demand, while continuously innovative design allows customers to enjoy the experience that is different from traditional sexy underwear.

4. Yanbu City Juxin Infusion Underwear Factory

Juxin sex underwear factory is a modern sexy underwear manufacturer integrating design, production and sales.The company’s products cover a variety of types of beauty lingerie, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, etc., and continuously develop new products to meet the needs of different consumers.With high -quality, high return, and high -efficiency business strategies, the company has created a brand of the sex underwear industry.

5. Yanbu City temptation sex underwear factory

As a sexy underwear factory that focuses on sexy underwear design, manufacturing and sales, the company has advanced production equipment and professional design teams.The company is not just producing sexy underwear, but incorporating underwear into women’s lives, making women more confident, beautiful and sexy.

6. Yanbu European Love Lingerie Co., Ltd.

European and American sex lingerie Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in and exporting to European and American -style sexy underwear. It was established in 2005.The company is committed to providing customers with high -quality underwear products and professional services, and applies advanced design concepts and technology in Europe and the United States to product development.The company’s product design, tailoring and printing are all excellent.


Funny female Lang Fairy Lingerie Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a well -known enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of affection underwear.The company’s products are complete, focusing on quality and services, and continuously developing new styles and updated designs.At present, it has a good reputation and reputation in domestic and foreign markets.


Romantic mood and sexy underwear Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focusing on production and sales of sexy underwear.The company has a high -quality professional team that is committed to providing personalized sexy underwear products for global women.The company has continuously absorbed the global advanced design concepts and craftsmanship, and has become one of the well -known brand of sexy underwear in China.


Founded in 2009, Beautiful Flower Inspection Lingerie Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in making women’s sexy underwear.The company’s products include many types of beauty underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie and other types. The color is bright and novel.Adhering to the purpose of "customer first", the company has continuously strives to improve product quality and service level.

10. Salt City Intellectual Capital Clothing Co., Ltd.

Intellectual Capital Clothing Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the design, production and sales of sexy underwear.The company is famous for its unique, sexy design and high -quality production technology.While the company continues to increase investment, it continuously explores new design and techniques, develops a variety of sexy lingerie, and provides consumers with high -quality services.

In general, Yanbu City has many excellent sexy underwear manufacturers.These companies have strong research and development capabilities and production capacity, and have won the trust and praise of consumers with high -quality sexy underwear products.Therefore, if you intend to enter the sex underwear market, salt step is an important production and development base worth considering.

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