What do boys like sexy underwear

What do boys like sexy underwear

Sex underwear is no longer a patent for women, and more and more men have begun to pay attention to and wear sexy underwear.So, what kind of sexy underwear do boys like?This issue will be analyzed in multiple aspects below.


The material of the sexy underwear determines the texture and comfort. When men choose sexy underwear, they will prefer softer, comfortable, breathable materials, such as cotton, silk, or good elastic lace.a feeling of.


Men prefer simple and classic styles to avoid too fancy, such as some basic corset, underwear, pajamas and other styles.At the same time, men also prefer unique sexy underwear, such as sexy suspenders, lace fabrics, or special slot design.


Color is one of the important parts of sexy underwear. Men prefer simple, bright, and obvious colors, such as black, white, red or pink.Whether it is monochrome, two -color, or multi -color matching, men can make men’s hearts yearning.

Underwear cup

Underwear cups are one of the key parts of sexy underwear. When men choose to buy sex underwear, they will pay more attention to the size and shape of the underwear cup.Men like to fit their chest -shaped underwear cups. Whether it is 3/4 cups or all cups of underwear cups, they must be in line with their own figure.


The sexyness of sexy underwear is one of the important indicators to measure their advantages and disadvantages. Men will prefer sexy sexy underwear more than they can create a mysterious and charming feeling.However, too exposed or too excited sexy underwear can make men feel uncomfortable.


The functionality of sexy underwear is also an important aspect. Whether it is simple underwear, bra, bra, pajamas, etc., or the upgraded version of the charged shock rod, temperature sensor, etc., men will consider the practicality of their functions and whether they are suitable for their own needs.Essence


The brand represents the manufacturer and design elements of sexy underwear. When choosing sexy underwear, men will bid more well -known or classic brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Aubade, etc.Essence


Price is a factor that men consider when choosing sexy underwear. The price does not mean quality, but too low or too high will affect men’s choice of sexy underwear.Men will choose some more cost -effective sexy underwear, but the more critical is the quality and quality of the product itself.

Comprehensive matching

The matching of sexy underwear is very important and has a great impact on styling and sexy.Men will match erotic underwear to enhance their attractiveness and confidence in women.Buying should choose the right sexy underwear according to the actual matching needs.


Generally speaking, men’s choices for sexy underwear will still take comfort, sexy, quality and practicality as the main indicators, and brands, prices, colors and functions will also be considered.In actual choice, you also need to pay attention to personal figure and matching.

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