What dance is suitable for wearing sex underwear suitable for dance


Wearing erotic underwear has become a choice of many fashion women, but often people ask, what dance is suitable for dancing in sex underwear?The answer is not very simple, because the underwear styles required for different dances are very different.Below, this article will introduce the types of dancing suitable for wearing sexy underwear, helping women exude a more sexy and charming charm in the dance.

Latin Dance

Latin dance is a very enthusiastic dance that needs lightweight clothes.For women, skirts are the best choice. At this time, with a sexy briefs and plump cleavage can make the overall image more sexy.In addition, because Latin dance requires a lot of turning action, clothes will be easier to slide. Therefore, it is recommended to choose tight sexy lingerie.


Jazz dance needs dancers to show elegance and fashion.For women, there are diverse sexy lingerie styles. You can choose to wear suspenders, T -shirts and other styles. The sexy underwear of H -shaped shoulder straps is more suitable for wearing.In addition, because jazz dance needs to raise hands frequently, the shoulder width and material selection of the shoulder bandwidth and material on the underwear should be paid to avoid glowing or affecting the movement.

Hip -hop

Street dance needs to wear sports clothes, so you can choose to wear cotton sports vests with L -shaped sexy thong on the underwear.This sexy underwear can maintain the comfort when dancing, allowing female dancers to play dance skills and exudes sexy charm.


Ballet focuses on the beauty of dancers and the slow flow of arms.Dancers need to wear solid tights and skirts.For women, skin tights can highlight the slim curve of the dancer, with a simple and generous sweater to block the female dancer’s shoulder.In addition, it is not recommended to wear a chest sticker because it affects the dance form of the dancer.

Break dance

Perak dance is known for its rapid and accurate actions, so the requirements for dance clothes are also more loose.Women can choose to wear gradient t -shirts and shorts, with a sexy thong.This sexy underwear can highlight the lines of the waist and hips, making the overall image fuller and stylish.

Jazz Square Dance

Most of the dance steps of the square dance are brisk and elegant, and wearing comfortable clothing is particularly important.Women can choose to wear temperament skirts, and underwear can also choose a gentle style, such as lace lace suspenders or elegant vest styles. The clothes will appropriately show the lines of women’s bodies, exuding tenderness.

Jazz Disco

Disco needs to wear bright clothes and bright colors.Women can choose to wear a sexy hollow T -shirt and skirt. Underwear can choose briefs with lace and silk material.This sexy underwear can modify the lines of women’s waist and hips, and with a pair of high -heeled shoes, confidently take a beautiful step.

Modern dance

Modern dances require dancers to express their ability to think and express, so they also pay more attention to comfort and simplicity in the choice of clothing.Women can wear a lace vest and yoga pants. The choice of underwear can choose a bag hip panties with pads. This sexy underwear can make women’s hips more upright, allowing themcharm.

Dance yoga

Yoga needs to wear loose and simple clothing, and underwear can also choose more loose styles such as sports vests.However, at this time, choosing unique sexy underwear can also make women show more sexy and confident charm in yoga.

The charm of dance is not only in underwear

In general, different types of erotic underwear needed for different types of dance.However, if you want to exude charm on the stage, underwear is not the only key factor, and more importantly, confidence and expressiveness.Therefore, no matter what kind of dance and sexy underwear you choose, women must give full play to their charm and style when dancing to truly become a star on the stage.

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