What blessings do you write to send love underwear

What blessings do you write to send love underwear

Give others a special gift is a way to express love or blessing.As a unique gift, sexy underwear is more suitable for transmitting their minds privately and bringing surprises and happiness to the other party.However, many people do not know how to write body and warm blessings when sending affection underwear.This article will provide you with some tips and creativity to write sexy lingerie blessings, so that the gifts you send are more meaningful and valuable.

1. Blessings of birthday

Birthday is one of the most special days of a year. If you want to send a gift with a loud liking on your birthday, you might as well give him or her sexy sexy underwear.When leaving a message to the other party, you can consider writing such a blessing: "May your birthday full of temptation and beauty, I hope that this set of interesting underwear I will give you can make you more sexy and confident, wish you a happy birthday!"

2. Marriage Celebration Article

When a friend or family gets married, sending a sexy underwear can not only add the atmosphere of celebration, but also help the enthusiasm and intimacy between husband and wife.If you don’t know how to bless them, you may wish to write such a message: "Congratulations to you to enter a beautiful marriage life, and send this sexy underwear to hope that your love life is richer and sweet. I wish you a happy forever!"

3. Valentine’s Day Blessings

Valentine’s Day is the best time to express love to the loved ones, and sexy underwear is one of the best gifts to convey love.If you want to send a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day and to let the other party move, you can write such a message: "In this festival that belongs to us, I hope this sexy underwear can become our loyal witness,Record our deep love. Happy Valentine’s Day! "

Fourth, Thanksgiving blessing articles

Thanksgiving is gratitude to parents, gratitude relatives, friends, and gratitude. If you want to use a special gift to express your gratitude to someone, interest underwear may be a good choice.So, let’s see how this blessing can be written: "In this special day, thank you for your existence, thank you for bringing me countless laughs and warmth. Sending this set of fun underwear is hope you want youHappiness and happiness can be as reluctant to be like this gift, I wish you Thanksgiving! "

5. Promotion congratulations

For friends or family members who have just got the opportunity to be promoted, sending a sexy underwear can not only add confidence and charm to their new positions, but also express your congratulations and blessings to them.Well, let’s see how such a blessing can be written: "Congratulations on your promotion smoothly. This sexy underwear wants your self -confidence and charm to be more charming and excellent. I wish you a good job and look forward to your more glorious future!"

6. Christmas Blessings

Christmas is a festival celebrating all over the world, which also makes it a representative of global gifted gifts.If you want to send a unique gift on Christmas this year, sexy underwear may be a very special choice.Then, leave such a blessing for such gifts: "In this festival that belongs to everyone, thank you for your companionship and care. Send this special Christmas sex underwear. I hope our love and friendship can cross timeThe restrictions of the space will never fade. "

7. Confession and blessing articles

If you have a romantic emotion and want to send a gift that can poke the other person’s heart when confession, then sexy underwear is a very good choice.So, let’s see how this blessing can express: "I want to tell you today, from the moment I met you, my heart has been beating for you.You walked through this beautiful journey together and sent this set of sexy underwear to express my sincerity and affection. I love you! "

Eight, conclusion

Sending sex underwear to others is a meaning and temptation.The blessing is the best way to convey your inner words to others.This article provides eight erotic lingerie blessings in different scenarios. Each blessing is full of emotional colors and rich personality style. I believe that it can bring more emotional value to your gifts.

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