Weibo Instead Underwear Network Red Model Photos

Weibo Instead Underwear Network Red Model Photos

In recent years, the sexy underwear market has continued to expand, and underwear design has become more and more fashionable, personalized, and sexy.On Weibo, many sexy underwear brands have also begun to cooperate with the Internet celebrities and models to promote personalized sexy underwear, so that underwear is no longer just simple functional items.Below, let’s take a look at the fun underwear net red model photos circulated on Weibo.

1. Japanese style and style of fun underwear

This top of the style and fun underwear uses a kimono design element, and the hem also has the design of the legs, which is sexy and elegant.With a small hat and gloves, it seems to return to the early Japanese era.Such a sexy underwear is suitable for women who like Japanese style, restrained and sexy charm.

2. Sexy and hot suspenders sexy underwear

The hammo sexy underwear has always been a popular style purchased by women. Whether it is single or outside, it has sexy charm.When surfing the Internet, I often see the Internet celebrity or models on Weibo to show photos of wearing a suspender sex underwear, which makes people feel excited.

3. Sports style and fun underwear

When it comes to sports underwear, many people may think of strong functionality and comfortable material, but there is no particularly stylish design.The sportswear underwear cleverly combines exercise with fashion, which is comfortable and durable in materials, and can make women more sexy.Such sexy underwear is especially suitable for women who like sports.

4. Dress style sexy underwear

This underwear uses the design element of a dress. The top is knitted mesh fabric. The hem is paired with lace lace, which is sexy and solemn.Such a sexy underwear is suitable for women who like noble and elegant, but also sexy charm.

5. Interesting underwear of lace lace

Lace lace is a common element in the design of sexy underwear. This design can show the sexy of women well, but it does not seem too exposed.A photo of lace lace -ups that appear frequently on Weibo are even more fascinating.

6. Sexy underwear on the ruffled edge

The ruffled edge design has always been very popular in the fashion industry, and in the design of sexy underwear, it has also been used to the fullest.The underwear on the side of the lotus is placed on women, with a soft feeling, and the round curve is particularly charming.

7. Four pieces of sexy underwear

Four pieces of love underwear include underwear, T -shaped pants, stockings and gloves.Together with the four -piece sexy underwear, both visual effects and wearing feel are more perfect.Many Internet celebrities or models also showed photos of four pieces of sexy underwear on Weibo, which makes people bloody.

8. Interesting underwear of transparent materials

The sexy underwear with transparent materials shows the beauty of the female body through the beauty of curve.Such underwear with the design of privately, sexy but not losing charm.


On Weibo, the sexy underwear net red models have frequently appeared. Many erotic underwear brands cooperate with net reds and models to show personalized underwear design.These photos make people’s eyes shine and attract more and more women to buy fashion, personalized, and sexy sexy underwear.

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