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Introduction: The new protagonist of sexy underwear-wedding dress sex underwear

When talking about sexy underwear, most people think of more sexy and bold colors.But in fact, sexy underwear can also be very gentle and elegant, and wedding sexy underwear is one of them.Wedding erotic underwear can not only make the bride more sexy and enchanting on the wedding night, but also show the perfect fit of the bride’s elegant temperament and the dress. Next, we will learn about the charm and choice of wedding sexy underwear.

Wedding sexy lingerie style introduction

Wedding erotic underwear has various styles and designs, including bras, perspective, lace chain, lace briefs, and so on.The most popular style is a brak.This style is generally made of lace and ribbon. The bra shows a certain degree of dew and revelation, but at the same time, it also maintains sufficient aesthetic and elegance.The perspective is a more sexy and romantic style that makes people feel the psychological stimulus and excitement while seeing the skin.

Wedding sex lingerie color matching skills

If you are looking for wedding sexy underwear, then the high -quality clothing has an atmosphere for your special night, but you still need to choose the correct color.No matter what you like, you should choose the right color. You must consider your skin color, hair and eyes, because these will affect the overall coordination of the bride.The colors tend to be Ivory (beige), Champagne (champagne color), Nude (nude), baby pink (pink) and FAWN (light brown) can add elegance to themselves without bold or even violence.

Wedding sexy lingerie introduction

There is no huge difference between the material of the wedding lingerie and the general sexy underwear.However, because wedding sexy underwear emphasizes elegance and comfort, the quality of the material is particularly important.At present, the common materials on the market include lace, silk, and linen. These materials are very soft and breathable when they are worn. At the same time, they can fit the body curve well and present a more perfect figure to the bride.

Wedding sexy underwear size and size selection

When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you should consider it carefully whether it is the size or the size.If the selected size is too small or too large, it will not only affect your wear effect, but also affect the sexy degree of sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, the size selection of wedding sex lingerie is more preferred to be more inclined to the actual size, and it is recommended to choose a style with a regulatory buckle to better adjust the size.

Wedding erotic underwear matching skills

If you want to pair with a atmospheric shoes, dark -colored wedding sexy underwear is the best choice; if you want to match more elegant matching, the bride can choose lace and silk underwear.Of course, when matching shoes and accessories, you should choose the color with sexy underwear to improve the overall coordination.

Covering meaty underwear

If the bride’s body is not perfect, or is not very confident in his body curve, then it is the best choice to cover the meaty underwear.Covering the meaty underwear is generally made of thin material, with a strong fabric with a strong sense of pressure, which is very shaped, which can help the bride to perfectly hide their physical defects.

Summer wedding sexy underwear selection tips

Summer temperature is high, and wearing heavy wedding sexy underwear may make you feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing a wedding sexy underwear in summer, you should give priority to the thin and breathable style.In addition, the bride can also choose a cotton -made wedding sexy underwear, which not only makes you feel more comfortable, but also has good sweat absorption and breathability.

Focus on: comfort

When you wear a wedding sexy underwear, make sure that its quality and materials are very comfortable.When buying, please select comfortable texture, softness, telescopic and mild sexy underwear, and check the feeling and comfort after wearing.Because once you feel uncomfortable or a little discomfort, it may affect your feeling and mental state of all night.

Conclusion: Wedding sexy underwear emphasizes suitable, elegant and sexy balance

In short, wedding erotic underwear can enhance the sexyness of the bride and the overall coordination of the bride dress.Before buying, you should consider factors such as body shape and skin color, and choose wedding sexy underwear with very suitable texture and style.In the process of dressing, please ensure comfort, so as to give full play to the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

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