Wearing sex underwear true

Wearing sex underwear true

Interest underwear is an exciting underwear, which is often used to enhance romantic atmosphere and emotional links.For many women, wearing erotic underwear can not only enhance self -confidence, but also add a mystery to their bodies.But wearing erotic underwear requires skills and attention details.Below I will interpret the truth of wearing sexy underwear from the aspects of buying, matching, style, material, size, body shape, etc.

1. Buy the right underwear

The first step of wearing a sex underwear is to choose a suitable size underwear.First, make sure to accurately measure your bust and surroundings, and then buy it from a reliable merchant.When buying sexy underwear, you can buy a style and color that suits you. Whether it is sexual and emotional, the sexy lingerie or European and American sex lingerie can cater to your own style and present a more individual charm.

Second, the matching of sexy underwear

Interest underwear needs to be matched with the outside, which needs to consider the style of the clothing.After wearing a sexy underwear, you should be paired with skirts or loose trousers, so that you can cover some parts you do n’t want to show, and maintain the overall beauty and temperament.At the same time, if you want to put on tight clothes, you need to choose non -marked underwear to avoid affecting the entire fashion shape.

Third, sexy lingerie styles

In addition to sexy high -heeled and hollow design, the style of sexy underwear also has many categories, such as stockings, fish net socks, hanging socks, lace pants, and so on.When choosing a sexy lingerie style, you should choose a style that suits you to show your charm.

Four, sexy lingerie materials

There are many materials for sexy underwear to choose from, mainly divided into real silk, lace, elastic fiber, etc.Different materials of underwear and feel are different. You can choose the most suitable underwear material according to your taste and preference.

Five, sexy underwear size

If you want to wear comfortable sexy underwear, you need not only choose the right style, but also to grasp the size accurately.Generally speaking, the size of the sexy underwear is small, so it is recommended not to choose the size blindly, and you should choose according to your actual physical condition.

Six, sexy underwear style

While choosing sexy underwear, you should also take into account your body characteristics, such as chest shape and hip shape.Different erotic underwear has different applications, and should choose the style and body shape that suits you best.

Seven, how to wear sexy underwear

Falling underwear wearing requires patience and skills.To wear a fun underwear, you need to tie the suspender first, then put on socks or high heels, and finally put on underwear slowly.Pay attention to the details when wearing, such as whether the shoulder strap is adjusted appropriate, whether there are wrinkles, and so on.

Eight, sexy underwear maintenance

Although sexy underwear is sexy and mysterious underwear, it still has its maintenance method.Interest underwear should not be washed with washing machines, but should be washed by hand, and washed with high chemical components to avoid damage to the ingredients of the underwear.

Nine, what will happen if you wear sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear can enhance self -confidence, sexy, and even help improve your sexual life.Interest underwear will make you more attractive, more easily attracting the eyes of the opposite sex, and will also make your partner more obsessed with you.

10. Conclusion

There are many techniques and precautions wearing sex underwear, but it can help you create a more beautiful and sexy self -image.As long as you follow the above points, you can wear sexy erotic underwear to inspire your inner passion and adventure spirit, as well as freshness of life.

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