Wearing sex lingerie and boyfriend shopping

Recommended in sex underwear

Interest underwear is a unique way to dress. It can stimulate sensory and emotional desire.If you want to show personality and charm on special occasions such as special days or Valentine’s Day, wearing sexy underwear will undoubtedly make you more confident and beautiful.

When you go to the sex lingerie shop, flowers and lace are the styles you can’t miss.If you need to improve your chest, it is recommended to choose a thick lining and a filling style, while girls with large chests do not need to use this type of style. You can choose the style without underwear cups.

How to wear erotic underwear

Interesting underwear settings for the exquisite and sexy women’s underwear for sex and sex drama.Its way to wear is exposed, it must make people feel interesting, but not too exposed.Therefore, if you choose to go out wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to match another jacket.

Sex underwear matching

If you want to match the upper dress of sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a simple and easy -to -line jeans.In addition, the accessories can choose exaggerated earrings or necklaces to increase the sense of fashion.

Falling underwear maintenance

The material of sexy underwear is more tender and requires special maintenance.When cleaning, it is best to use a professional cleaning agent and do not use ordinary laundry powder or liquid.In addition, the sexy underwear cannot be put in the dryer, and the mild mode should be used when washing the washing machine.

Put on underwear when shopping

For ladies, when wearing erotic underwear, you can choose the way of wearing underwear.You can choose a wide -leg pants or denim skirt and wear underwear outside.When wearing this way, there is both sexy and atmospheric.

Color choice

The color selection of sexy underwear is very important, and different colors will bring different feelings.Red is a representative passion and romance, suitable for wearing in many occasions.Black is a classic color that is never out of date, because it can increase charm and personality.

Pay attention to the coat

The wearing of sexy underwear will be a bit exaggerated, and it needs to be matched with other clothing or accessories.It is best to choose a coat of a stand -up collar or V collar, which can cover the skin of the chest and waist.

Grasp the time

Wearing erotic underwear when shopping, the most important thing is to master the time.If there is a lot of people, it is better to hide the sexy lingerie in the interior.If you want to date with your boyfriend, it is also suitable to go out in sexy underwear.

Combine your own style

Everyone’s style is different, and dressing should also be matched with their own style.Don’t follow the trend, start with your body, temperament, and style, choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.


Wearing a sexy underwear can not only increase self -confidence and charm, but also fully exert the sexy and tenderness of the heart.However, choosing and matching erotic underwear also requires good skills. Only by finding a style and matching that suits you can we wear underwear out of the underwear more confident and charm.

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