Wearing a sexy underwear to make novels in the living room

Feel comfortable sexy underwear

As a special underwear, sexy underwear allows women to achieve a better feeling while sexy, comfortable and relaxing.If you are considering wearing sexy underwear, you can try to make these novels in the living room to increase your pleasure.

Choose the right style

If you are buying sexy underwear for the first time, you can consider sexy lace styles, which can make you feel very sexy and relaxed.If you want more stimuli, you can try some open crotch or oral sexy underwear.Don’t choose too tight styles to avoid restricting your comfort.

Increase the atmosphere

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, you can increase the atmosphere in a suitable way so that your partner can participate more.You can lit some fragrant candles or play some soothing music.If you have enough trust and communication between you and your partner, you can even play some role -playing games.

Enjoy a physiological reaction

Wearing erotic underwear will have a positive impact on physiological reactions.You will feel more sexy and confident when wearing sexy underwear, so the secretion of pleasant hormones will increase.Such stimuli can strengthen the intimate relationship with partners.


Wearing sexy underwear allows you to relax your body and mind.You don’t need to care about your physical defects or imperfect places, you can show your sexy and charm.You can also relax your mood to wear comfortable sexy underwear, making you feel more happy and happy.

Increase the satisfaction of interaction and partner

Interest underwear can increase the interaction and relationship between you and your partner.In the living room, you can try your own novels or let your partner put forward your creativity.You can use your imagination. Under the stimulation of erotic underwear, you can get a stronger feeling and emotion and enjoy this moment together.

Keep hygiene and cleaning

When enjoying the pleasure brought by erotic underwear, don’t forget to keep hygiene and cleaning.Replacement of sexy underwear regularly, cleaning and disinfection can reduce the breeding of bacteria.Use the label guide on sexy underwear for cleaning and suggestions.

Choose a reliable brand and merchant

When buying sexy underwear, you must choose a reliable brand and merchant.Those sexy underwear with poor quality may cause discomfort, tingling and pain.Some brands provide more professional and comfortable designs, or provide more professional size suggestions, so choose brands and businesses with a certain degree of trust when buying.


Wearing sexy underwear can make women feel better and pleasure.When choosing, wearing, cleaning, and buying sexy underwear, pay attention to appropriate and hygiene.Interest underwear can increase the interaction and satisfaction between you and your partner, but you must choose good brands and businesses to ensure comfort and health.

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