Wearing a sexy underwear to get a climax

Wearing a sexy underwear to get a climax

Wearing sexy underwear seems to have a mysterious charm, attracting men, teased their sexual desire, and let them want to contact our bodies up close.Women wearing sexy underwear are always accompanied by that kind of irritating feeling. Under the deliberate flirting of men, it is easy to get climax.So, what should I do when wearing erotic underwear?

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear to a climax, the first important thing is to choose the right sexy underwear.There are many types of sexy underwear, with different styles, fabrics and materials. Only by choosing a sexy underwear that suits us can we make us reach higher orgasm in normal physiological reactions and sexual desire stimulation.

2. Adjust the mentality

In addition to choosing a suitable sexy underwear, wearing a sexy underwear is to adjust your mentality.Interest underwear itself is a teasing existence. If we can relax our mentality and enjoy this pleasure and excitement when we wear sexy underwear, and respond to men’s flirting and kisses, it is easy to reach the climax.

3. Master the sensitive area of the body

Each woman’s body sensitive areas are different, so when wearing sexy underwear is climaxed, we need to master the sensitive areas of their bodies and let men concentrate these parts to achieve the effect of orgasm.

4. Rhythmic breathing

Rhythmic breathing can help us reduce stress, relax our body and mind, and allow us to experience a stronger sense of pleasure when orgasm.Therefore, when wearing erotic underwear to climax, we need to consciously adjust our breathing and make breathing and physical state a balance.

5. Use the material of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear adheres to a soft and comfortable characteristic.We can use this characteristic that when men’s deliberate flirting, with the movement of the body, the material and the body rubbish each other to increase the pleasure of orgasm.

6. Actively cooperate with men’s kisses and exploration

When wearing a sexy underwear to the climax, we must first actively communicate with men, cooperate with men’s kisses and exploration, do not blame men, but use our own sensitive area to tease each other and improve sexual desire.

7. Use sex toys

In addition to wearing fun underwear, in the process of climax, we can also try to use some sex toys, such as vibration sticks, sexy jumping eggs, etc., making the orgasm experience more exciting and pleasant.

8. Find your climax position

Each woman’s orgasm is different. When wearing a sexy underwear to get climax, we need to explore more in ordinary life, find our climax position, and make men more targeted in the process of flirting.Essence

9. Pay attention to physical protection

Although wearing erotic underwear to a climax is indeed very exciting and pleasant, we must also pay attention to the protection of the body to prevent excessive excessive stimulation caused to cause damage to our body.

10. Avoid excessive excitement before going to bed

The body and spirit are intoxicated with the flood of the climax.After the process, we need to gradually return to the calm state, adjust the mentality, and re -enter the normal rhythm of life.In order to maintain the health of the body, we need to avoid excessive exercise training or behavior such as excessive exercise at night with orgasm experience.

Viewpoint: It is not particularly difficult to wear orgasm in sexy underwear. You only need to master some skills, deal with men’s flirting, cultivate your sexual desire, and enjoy this orgasm and happiness on the premise of maintaining your health.

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