Wear sex underwear toys, go to work orally


As a part of sex culture, sexy underwear has become more and more concerned and likes, and some people have even applied them to their lives.Next, I will share my experience of working in sexy underwear toys, hoping to bring you some inspiration.

The reason for choosing sexy underwear and toys

For me, choosing to wear sexy underwear and toys is a decision to experience.I want a sense of excitement and freshness, and experience different feelings through this way.Select sexy, adult or European and American style sexy underwear and toys, which can stimulate the inner sexual desire and passion, and can also improve self -awareness and self -confidence.

How to choose sexy underwear and toys

When choosing sexy underwear and toys, the most important thing is to consider your body shape and preference to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident.In addition, consider the quality of materials and color.Choosing suitable toys, lubricants, safety and effectiveness is very important for protecting your health.

Experience how to work in sexy underwear to work

It is very exciting and interesting to work in sexy underwear.Although you may feel a little uncomfortable or embarrassing, this is also part of this novelty.My suggestion is to start from relatively relaxed occasions, such as to explore sexy underwear at home at home or with specific partners.When you are more confident and comfortable, try to wear sexy underwear in public.

The use of toys and whether it is suitable for work occasions

When choosing a toy, consider whether it is suitable for work.I chose some small, hidden and silent toys, and I can quietly enjoy some pleasure during work, without affecting my work and colleagues.However, you must ensure that toys will not interfere with your work, and we must also ensure the safety and health of yourself and colleagues as much as possible.

How to avoid embarrassment and discomfort

When you wear sexy underwear and toys to work, you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because you don’t know what your boss or colleagues will think of you.In order to avoid these embarrassment and discomfort, you can choose to pay more attention to your work itself at work. At the same time, you choose to match your clothes as much as possible. Do not choose sexy underwear that is too exposed.As for the use of toys, it may need to be carried out in a more private or separate space to avoid being seen or heard by others.

How to protect your privacy

When you wear sexy underwear and use toys, pay attention to protect your privacy.The best way is to keep this decision confidential and stay away from monitoring or peeping, such as cameras or windows.In addition, you can change sexy underwear in a safe place to ensure that it is not seen by others.

Establish long -term sexual cultural trust relationship

Although wearing sexy underwear and using toys may cause controversy in your colleagues and bosses, we can still build long -term trust relationships through dialogue and expression.For example, a conversation between friends or colleagues to share each other’s sexual cultural activities and experiences, thereby helping each other understand and support each other.

Realize that your body needs in private time

Although wearing sexy underwear and toys at work time can be stimulated, in private time, you can enjoy your body and sexual desire more freely.My suggestion is to realize my physical needs and adjust at the right time and place.At the same time, maintain self -respect and health, and ensure that the sexy underwear and toys you choose are safe and effective.

How to wear sex underwear and toys at the right time

It is very personal to choose when wearing sexy underwear and using toys.Everyone has different preferences and experiences.When you can choose when your needs and situations, such as in a separate time and space, or with a specific partner.

my point of view

The use of sexy underwear and toys is indeed not suitable for all cases, such as in many professional environments.However, using sexy underwear and toys correctly and responsible can increase your sexual desire and pleasure, improve self -awareness and self -confidence, and help you understand yourself and your partner better.Keep in mind to maintain respect and safety, and to establish long -term sexual cultural trust relationships in order to make our experience more pleasant and beneficial.

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