Wear sex underwear in the kitchen BL

Wear sex underwear in the kitchen BL

Women pay more and more attention to sexy underwear in life, which can not only enrich the sex life experience, but also add more confidence to women.It is also very interesting to integrate fun underwear into daily life and try some novel and interesting activities.So, let’s talk about how to wear sexy underwear in the kitchen today.

1. Selective sexy underwear

First, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Some underwear design is relatively simple, but it is very sexy, while some underwear is fancy, suitable for distinguishing themselves.Therefore, when choosing underwear, you should choose according to your preferences and body types.

2. Don’t choose underwear that is too exposed

When choosing underwear, be careful not to choose a style that is too exposed. This is not only good for us to cook in the kitchen, but also make us feel embarrassed.

3. Choose comfortable and breathable underwear

Interest underwear is not only sexy, and it must also be comfortable and breathable.When wearing underwear, comfort and sexy are equally important.

4. Underwear with a chest curve

To choose a underwear that can be held up with the chest curve, so that you can better show your body advantage and make yourself look more beautiful.

5. With the right kitchenware and decoration

When wearing a sexy underwear for BL, in addition to the choice of underwear, the combination of kitchenware and decoration is also important.You can choose some colorful kitchenware and sexy decorations to increase your feelings.

6. Adjust your mood

Before wearing a sexy lingerie, you must first adjust your mood.Send your negative emotions to keep yourself in a good state and improve your self -confidence.

7. Choose proper background music

In addition, it is also important to choose some background music suitable for BL.You can choose some brisk and pleasant background music to make the whole process more rhythmic.

8. Choose some simple dishes

You can choose some simpler dishes when cooking, do not choose too complicated dishes, which can reduce the pressure and fatigue during cooking.

9. Enjoy the process of making food

When doing BL, you must enjoy the process of making food, not just to get the fun of BL.When you make a food, in addition to making yourself more fulfilling, you can also add the emotions of two people.

10. Combined with cooking experience sex experience

When making BL, you can feel the process of sex like cooking, making the whole process more pleasant.You can try to adjust the rhythm in the process of cooking to achieve the effect of sex.


It is undoubtedly a different experience in wearing a sexy underwear in the kitchen.I hope that everyone can enhance the feelings between husband and wife in this way, and at the same time can enrich their life experience.We should try some fresh things to let ourselves have a better life.

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