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Costume sexy sheet

Sexy underwear is usually a fashionable taste of modern women, but wearing ancient and sexy underwear is also a kind of beauty.Some ancient style of sexy underwear not only reflects the characteristics of women’s elegance and sexy, but also incorporate traditional cultural elements.Let’s discuss the topic of ancient clothes and sexy underwear.

Ming and Qing style

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was a period of essence in Chinese history, and it also gave birth to a large number of beautiful clothing culture.You can feel the beautiful temperament and charm of women in that era.In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the style of sexy lingerie is mostly based on various details, such as embroidery and tassel elements, combining the characteristics of the oriental nation, which shows the combination of historical culture and modern fashion.

Hanfu style

Hanfu culture is one of the representatives of traditional Chinese clothing culture.The design of Hanfu’s sexy underwear is inspired by Hanfu, which has very strong traditional emotions.In terms of style, the version of Hanfu’s sexy underwear is relatively elegant, and the smoothness of tailoring and lines is also very reasonable, making women more elegant and charming after wearing Hanfu sexy underwear.

Tang Fengsheng

The Tang Dynasty was another period of cultural essence in Chinese history, and the costume culture of the Tang Dynasty was also very beautiful.Tangfeng’s prosperous sexy underwear pays more attention to freshness and brightness, and at the same time, the body lines are more slender, which fits the softness of Oriental women.In terms of wearing, Tangfeng’s prosperous sexy underwear also keeps traditional elements as much as possible, and finds a perfect balance between fashion and classical.

The combination of Han Tang style and modern style

Wearing ancient and unsatal underwear can not only bring another beauty to modern women, but also fully demonstrate the charm of the millennium cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.At present, some brands pay more attention to the integration of traditional cultural elements, and combine the Han and Tang style with modern style, creating unique sexy underwear.

Turnive lingerie fabric selection

The choice of fabric selection of costumes in costumes is very important.Choose as much as possible, soft, and skin -friendly fabrics, especially for underwear.Such as cotton, silk, lace and other fabrics have attracted more attention, especially in design, the choice of fabrics also pays special attention and attention.

Costume erotic underwear dress suggestion

When wearing ancient clothes, you need to pay attention to the overall matching of the style. The clothing elements are natural, comfortable and reasonable.If it is properly matched, the costumes of costumes can be well decorated with the overall shape, so that the overall charm of the wearer can be improved.

Suggestions for the matching of costumes in costumes

The matching of costumes in costumes should be calm and restrained, and you cannot do too much fancy treatment.Choosing the right costumes and sexy underwear. The matching is just right, which can make the whole look more coordinated and harmonious, especially on special occasions, which looks more appropriate and decent.

The market prospects of costumes in the costume underwear

With the changes in markets and people’s aesthetics, costume sexy underwear has become a hot spot in fashion. More and more women are paying attention to ancient costumes of sexy underwear. The market prospects are very considerable.At the same time, wearing ancient sexy underwear is also a cultural heritage, which can feel the charm of historical and cultural.

Festive and costume sexy underwear

In traditional festivals or special festivals, wearing ancient and sexy underwear can add some sexy and beautiful atmosphere.For example, wearing a dragon robe sexy underwear during the National Day, and experienced its own special National Day and an innovative form of celebration.


The beauty of colorful lingerie in costumes is usually combined with traditional cultural elements, which is a very distinctive and cultural heritage element.Putting on ancient clothes, women’s beautiful temperament has been visually fully exerted, which is also a very valuable field explored in the fashion field.

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