Video performance

Video performance

Belly -haired underwear has always been challenging clothing. Many women who love music, dance, and performing like to wear this sexy underwear to show themselves when performing.This article will introduce the application of belly pockets in video performances.

1. Brief introduction

As a traditional Chinese women’s underwear, the belly pockets sex underwear, after modern design and improvement, has become a highly sexy, high -challenging sexy underwear.Funny underwear is usually made of a small amount of satin or litter fabric. Unlike traditional bellybands, the sexual bellyband will be designed as a variety of styles, such as hollow, lace, sequins, and so on.

2. Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

The sexual lingerie of the belly is mainly suitable for some special occasions, such as party, nightclub, performance, etc., that is, some occasions that emphasize sexy and challenges.It is not recommended to wear, neither suitable nor comfortable.

3. How to wear the belly pocket sex underwear

Wearing a bellyband sexy underwear, you need to choose the right lower dress, such as ultra -short hot pants, mini skirts, etc.It should be noted that the length of the skirt or shorts should not exceed the length of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband, so as to be more coordinated.

4. The accessories of the bellyband sex underwear

Some accessories make the belly pockets more prominent, such as long necklaces, waist chains, bracelets, earrings, and so on.But pay attention, do not add too much accessories to avoid too fancy.

5. The application of the belly pocket sex underwear in the dance performance

The application of belly -stomach sexy underwear is more common in dance performances.Dancers can choose different styles of bellyband sexy underwear to show different sexy and temperament.Different from traditional clothes, the sexual lingerie of the belly is liquid, which can perfectly integrate with the dancer’s body, creating a more visual impact dance effect.

6. The application of the belly pocket sex underwear in the hot dance performance

The application of belly -stomachs in the hot dance performance is also relatively common.Hot dance needs to show the sexy and charm of the dancer, while the bellyband sexy underwear is one of the most representative clothing in hot dance.Of course, wearing a stomachache sex underwear for hot dance performance also requires sufficient confidence and courage.

7. Application of belly pistol sexy underwear in video shooting

The application of belly -haired lingerie in video shooting is also wide.In many MVs or dance videos, girls wearing belly pockets of sexy underwear can attract the attention of the audience, and then promote the traffic and spread of video.Of course, in video shooting, the bellyband sexy underwear also needs to be played with suitable performance and makeup.

8. Stomatopop was sexy underwear first aid

If there is unfortunate situation in the process of wearing a bellyband’s sexy underwear, such as inlaid falling, the sexual lingerie fall of the bellyband, etc., you need to calmly deal with it.You can prepare some temporary first -aid tools in advance, such as glue, powerful tape, etc. for emergency response.

9. The maintenance of the sexual lingerie of the bellyband

Although the sexy underwear is very sexy, it also needs to be carefully maintained.The sexual lingerie of the bellyband is usually the main fabric, so it is necessary to follow the formal cleaning standards during the cleaning process to avoid affecting the performance and service life of the sexy underwear of the bellyband.

10. Viewpoint

Although the sexy challenges of belly pockets, although sexy challenges, you need to pay attention to the application of applicable occasions and the body itself, so that you can truly create a sexy and noble temperament.When using the bellyband sexy underwear, you also need to protect your dignity and taste, so as not to lose your original good image.

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