Use a thread to make a simple sexy underwear

How to use a line to make a simple erotic underwear?

Interesting underwear is a unique underwear with both artistic and sexy. It is designed to create elegance, exquisite and teasing.In the market, there are various types of sexy underwear. From adult sex lingerie to European and American sex underwear, they all have their own design and style.This article will teach you how to use a line to make a simple sexy underwear, and how to customize your own design.This is a fast, applicable and fun way. As long as a line and the creativity of the mind, you can make your favorite sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable wire

First of all, you need to choose suitable wires to make sexy underwear.For beginners, elastic lines, silk lines, or nylon wires are good choices.Of course, you can also try different types of lines to get more experience and inspiration.Please make sure that the line is sufficient, and the longer you think, the better you can adjust and customize the design.

Make a corset

First of all, we started from making corset. This is one of the most common styles of sexy underwear.Fold the line into two paragraphs and then tie them on your back.Next, pull the lines from your back to your chest, surround the nipples, and then pull the line back to the back. This is repeated and repeated until you get the line decoration and structure you want.This method is not only simple, but also can customize design and adjustment to make the lines more comfortable and sexy.

Make lace panties

Next, we teach you how to make your own lace underwear.First, pass the lines through the side, then bypass your waist, pass through your crotch, and then return to your waist.Then, repeat the same steps until you get the decoration and structure you want.Finally, tie the end of the line to your waist, and then trim the lines to make the underwear look exquisite and sexy.

Make a bouquet

Bid -body clothes are a sexy underwear for adjusting the body and sculpture body.It can not only enhance your body shape, but also shrink your waist and shape your chest.Making this sexy underwear is a bit challenging, but it is still very simple.First of all, bypassed a long line through your back and fix it with a clip on the back.Then, pass another line through the front, then go around the waist, and then wear back the back.Later, you can add buttons or types of items before bypassing the line to make the lines more firm and stable.

Production Lian Switzer

Even physical underwear is a design that is different from conventional sexy underwear. Its design is more unique and fashionable.It is designed as an integrated structure, which is more complicated than ordinary sexy underwear.Although it is difficult to make even more sexy underwear than other types of sexy underwear, it is still difficult to make it.First of all, start the line from the starting point of the back, bypass and pass through the body, and match the appropriate area and line.Before fixed and sorting lines, please ensure that the underwear is comfortable, match the lines, and full of teasing and elegance.

Make butt pants

Pull pants are also one of the more common styles in sexy underwear.This underwear aims to present your ass curve and sexy feeling.First, pass the slender lines through the crotch, then bypass your hips, and finally return to the origin.It should be noted that the lines must be long enough to customize the design without too tight or uncomfortable.

Adjust and personalize your design

When you make sexy underwear, you can customize your design at will.You can add buttons, patterns, lace edge design, decorations or personalized labels.In addition, you can adjust the length, layer, line path and location of the lines during the production process to make the sexy underwear more in line with your body shape and taste.This personalized customization will make your sexy underwear more unique and special.


Using a line to make a simple erotic underwear, although it requires certain skills and creativity, it is more free and interesting.This erotic lingerie production skills can make you better understand your own body and taste, and improve your creativity and imagination.At the same time, it can also allow you to enjoy the process of making sexy underwear and enhance your confidence and sexy feeling.In short, this is a fun and challenging experience.

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