Unis black perspective sexy underwear

Unis black perspective sexy underwear

As a professional erotic underwear brand, Unis can rely on its global leading design concepts and technologies, and it is a leader in the field of sexy underwear.And its black perspective sexy underwear has attracted much attention and has become a representative of the sexy underwear market.

Material and design

This black perspective sexy underwear uses high -quality polyester and elastic fiber blending. The perspective part uses high -quality lace materials. It feels soft and comfortable, and the observation is more luxurious.

In terms of design, the whole underwear is mainly black. The lace decoration on the chest and the chest adds the feminine feeling of women. After that, the perspective effect of the show after putting on the underwear enhances the sexy atmosphere.In the back part, different details are planned to greatly improve the overall aesthetics.

Size and suitable crowd

As a sexy underwear, the diversity of size is extremely important.And this black perspective sexy underwear size is very wide, and 7 sizes such as XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL are used for consumers to choose from.Applicable people are also wide, and women of different figures can find one of the best size for them.

Matching method and occasion

This black perspective sexy underwear can be worn alone, or with other erotic underwear, showing a more unique charm.Not only is it suitable for sexy places, the sexy atmosphere created during daily wear is also an important reason for its popularity.


In addition to the exquisite design of the overall design, this black perspective sexy underwear also has a lot of highlights in the details.For example, the back details of the back are very clever, which can not only beautify the spine lines, but also play a role in adjusting the shape.

Cleaning and maintenance

Interest underwear is a relatively private item, so you need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.This black perspective sexy underwear uses a hand washing method. It uses a neutral detergent. The water temperature is controlled below 30 ° C. Do not rub or dry it to avoid damage to the underwear.

Method of purchase

Yonis’s black perspective sexy underwear is sold on the official website and major e -commerce platforms. Consumers can choose to buy according to their needs, which is also very convenient and fast.

Price and cost -effective

For such a well-made sexy underwear, the price is relatively reasonable. Basically ranging from 100-300 yuan. Compared with some sexy lingerie on the market, this black see-through sexy underwear is very cost-effective.

Tailoring and wearing experience

Although this black perspective sexy underwear focuses on sexy, the tailoring is not elegant, it can highlight the slender waist lines of women, and it is also very comfortable to wear.In terms of overall cost performance, it is indeed worthy of a sexy underwear worth buying.

General review

Yonis’s black perspective sexy underwear has received praise from many consumers with its exquisite design, comfortable wearing experience and reasonable prices.For women, a sexy underwear can add mood, confidence and charm, and this black perspective sexy underwear is undoubtedly a very good choice.

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