Types of sexy underwear pants

Types of sexy underwear pants


Interesting underwear, as an indispensable fashion item for modern women, can not only have the effect of beautifying the figure, but also increase sexual interest.The following will introduce some common sexy underwear, and how to choose the style of underwear that suits you.

Type 1: Sexy lace panties

Sexy lace panties are one of the classic styles of underwear. Due to the high sense of lace material, women look more elegant and charming after putting on.In addition, this style of underwear pants also has the characteristics of breathable and comfortable, which is suitable for wearing in summer.

Type two: stockings pantyhose set

Stockings pantyhose set is a sexy and both underwear style. It uses soft silk materials. After putting it on, the comfort is very high, which can play a role in modifying the leg shape.It is especially suitable for wearing with sexy underwear to add sexy.

Type 3: Open Pants

Open pants are a bolder sexy underwear style, which can completely show the sexy sexy of women.It is characterized by a mouthful in the middle of the pants to facilitate the penetration of sex.But pay attention to hygiene issues when wearing.

Type 4: Delta trousers

Triangle pants are also a more common style of underwear. It is characterized by a triangular shape in the crotch and wraps the hips in full.Suitable for most female types of women to wear, and it is also more suitable for sleep.

Type 5: G-String

G-String is a more sexy style in underwear, which is characterized by almost no cover other parts except the lower part.Due to the large demand for underwear pants, various brands on the market have also launched corresponding styles.

Type 6: Butterfly Pants

The design of butterfly pants is inspired by the wings of the butterfly, so its shape also presents the shape of the butterfly, which has a sense of innovation aesthetic.When wearing, the style of butterfly pants is slightly different from most underwear, and it will have the effect of adding a particular charm of women.

Type Seven: Package hip underwear

Bag hip underwear is a strong decorative underwear. In fact, the biggest feature is that it can perfectly outline the hip lines, emphasize the beauty of the body curve, and is loved by women.

How to choose a sexy underwear style that suits you

In summary, choosing a sexy underwear style that suits you must not only value sex and beauty in style, but also consider the adaptability of comfort, style and occasion.I hope that every female friend can find the style of underwear that is suitable for you, so that it will be sexy and sexy.

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