Two -dimensional wearing fun underwear pictures


With the popularization of animation and games, more and more people have begun to come into contact with second -dimensional culture, including people who love to wear sexy underwear.They choose sexy and beautiful erotic underwear to play the character they like in the second dimension or inspired by characters.These two -dimensional pictures of sexy underwear are often fired on the Internet.This article will introduce the type of two -dimensional wearing sexy underwear pictures and discuss its impact on sexy underwear culture.

Type 1: Maid costume

Maid costumes are one of the most common clothing in the second dimension. It usually includes elements such as lace, gauze skirt and bow.The main color of the maid’s outfit is black and white, and it also has many derived styles, such as sweet wind and cool wind.Pictures of two -dimensional wearing maid’s sexy underwear are also the most common.

Type two: student outfit

Students are also very popular in the second dimension. It usually includes white shirts, gray strap skirts and socks.For two -dimensional enthusiasts, wearing students’ sexy underwear can make them a second -dimensional student girl or student brother. This style of sexy underwear is also very popular.

Type 3: Beast Ear

Beast ear installation is a very interesting way to wear, which usually includes elements such as fox ears and cat ears.This way of dressing underwear is very unique, the shape can be beast ear cups, animal earmuffs, etc.Because the beast ear is a bit strange, people who can wear this sexy underwear are also very personal.

Type 4: suspender installation

The camisole is a sexy sexy underwear, including vests, straps and dresses.For two -dimensional enthusiasts who love to wear sexy underwear, the suspenders are very sexy, and they can be paired with various clothing such as shorts and skirts.

Type 5: Warrior pretend

Warrior costumes are one of the common role -playing clothing in the second dimension because it is full of emotions of strength and courage.Warriors are mostly dark, red and other dark colors, and there are also some unique elements, such as rivets, leather, etc.Putting it, people feel that they have become a powerful, wild warrior.

Type 6: Women’s Warrior Instation

The female warrior pretending to make up for the shortcomings of the soldiers, combining softness and resoluteness.This sexy underwear usually uses design elements such as metal luster, leather, and buckle.Put it on it to make the strong personality of women’s sex underwear wears more reflected in the second -dimensional world.

Type 7: Transformed into women’s clothing

The transformation women’s clothing is a kind of sexy underwear in men’s clothing to achieve the effect of transformation.This kind of sexy underwear is designed for men’s size, and the colors and styles are very suitable for playing female characters.There are many such characters in the second dimension. They are all male characters who are facing some historical or dilemma and have to play women’s clothing.

Type 8: Different World

Different world installation is a kind of special love underwear. Its elements can come from various fantasy elements such as blessing rats, different worlds, darkness and other fantasy elements.Putting on it is like crossing a different world, where you can play the role of little devil, dragon girl, angel and other characters.

Type Nine: Daily Pretend

Compared with other erotic underwear types, daily costumes look very simple. Common colors are fleshy, black, white and so on.The design of this sexy underwear is like underwear worn in daily life, and the style is relatively simple.Daily preservation is especially suitable for people who do not try or do n’t like too sexy feelings.

Type 10: Comic game character installation

In addition to the types of sexy underwear mentioned above, there are many sexy underwear for specific characters.These characters come from the creativity of talented cartoonists and game developers.These erotic underwear are usually designed to cooperate with the design of specific characters. For example, in order to play the Charian Aznabul in "Mobility Guard", sexy underwear usually needs to have red, gold and other color schemes.

in conclusion

The sexy lingerie style wearing the second dimension is colorful and unique, reflecting people’s love and longing for the second dimension culture.The design of these sexy underwear also provides us with more choices, allowing us to find our own personalized wearing in the world of sexy underwear.However, be careful not to let the two -dimensional culture be an excuse for evading reality. It should cherish every day in real life.

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