Two -dimensional Meng Men’s Infusion Underwear Atlas

Two -dimensional Meng Men’s Infusion Underwear Atlas

The first: cosplay series

COSPLAY refers to the role or image of imitating characters or images of anime, novels, movies, games.The COSPLAY series of sexy underwear is usually inspired by popular works, such as "Death Note", "Detective Conan", "Attack Giant" and so on.The pattern is cartoon and colorful, and is very popular with two -dimensional enthusiasts.

Second paragraph: Women’s series

Women’s series of sexy underwear aims to meet the needs of men like to wear women’s clothing.Their design can directly imitate classic women’s underwear, such as lace, lace, suspenders and other styles.At the same time, in order to strengthen the cuteness, small animals, cute patterns and other elements will also be added.

Third paragraph: Cat Ear Series

The cat ear series is a specially designed sexy underwear. This underwear has a pair of cat ears that make men become cute cat boys.There are generally two ways to wear cat ears, one is a special cat tail, and the other is to wear shorts.

Fourth paragraph: Rabbit Ear Series

The rabbit ear series is similar to the cat ear series, and it is generally paired with a special rabbit tail or rabbit glove.Some rabbit ears are designed to be designed as exposed navel, making it more sexy with shorts or short skirts.

Fifth paragraph: Uniform series

The uniform series of fun underwear often imitates cute or sexy women’s uniforms, such as nurse, student, police, stewardess and other professional uniforms.These sexy underwear uses high -quality materials and sophisticated details, which can give people a strong visual and psychological impact after putting on.

Six: Sports Series

Sports series of sexy underwear has the characteristics of casual comfort, and usually add some two -dimensional elements to distinguish it from other brands.These erotic underwear are usually made of cotton, elastic, and breathable materials, which makes people feel comfortable. At the same time, it is added with rabbit patterns, panda patterns and other elements to add cuteness.

VII: Magic Girl Series

Magic Girl series of sexy underwear is an emerging style in recent years.These sexy lingerie inspiration comes from various magical girls, romantic and full of imagination. The design is very sophisticated. The commonly used colors are pink, white, gold, etc.The magic girl series has a lot of sexy underwear, such as magic wands, head hoop, earrings and other cute things.

8th paragraph: transformed hero series

It is a good heart of many two -dimensional enthusiasts when turning into a heroic underwear.These erotic underwear imitations are related to super heroes, such as Spider -Man, Flash.Most of these erotic underwear design highlights the male’s pectoral muscles and muscle lines, allowing the wearer to reach a higher excitement state.

Nine: Animal Series

Animal series of sexy underwear generally use cute small animals such as bears, wolves, and pigs as design elements.Most of these sexy underwear are relatively single, such as black, gray, white, etc., but the design will use a lot of interesting matching, such as black and white stripes with red scarf, which makes people look particularly interesting.

Paragraph 10: Mechanical Series

The mechanical series of sexy underwear is a new type of emerging in recent years.These erotic underwear usually use black or silver gray as the background. The pattern often uses steel lines and metal textures. After wearing it, people look like robots.The biggest feature of these erotic underwear is that the design of the lines is more focused on the beauty of the lines and the accurate performance of mechanical elements, and the sexuality is also very prominent.

In my opinion, the design of sexy underwear should pursue the perfect combination of sexy and fun. Only the design that meets the needs of both parties can be considered success.

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