Tune you to wear a messy underwear

Introduction: Start with wearing erotic underwear

Every woman has her own unique story for love underwear.A good erotic underwear can not only show your personality, but also make you full of confidence and charm.However, how to choose and wear sexy underwear is also a process that requires careful tuning.This article will start from multiple dimensions such as colors, styles, and dimensions to make fun of underwear, so that you will show the most enchanting side when you put on it.

Step 1: Understand your physical attributes

The physical attributes of each woman are different. Knowing that their physical attributes can better choose sexy underwear.The first is the chest shape. It is very important to choose the appropriate style and size for different shapes of the chest.Secondly, the size of the bust, waist circumference, buttocks, etc., is also crucial for choosing a size.Finally, consider personal preferences, what style do you like, which color and patterns are more suitable for.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate color

Color is a very important dimension of sexy underwear.When choosing colors, you must consider your skin tone and preferences. Light color such as white and pink suitable for fair skin, dark and red for women with darker skin tone.At the same time, according to your preferences, different colors represent different personalities and styles.

Step 3: Choose the right style

In terms of the style of sexy underwear, choose the most suitable style according to your chest shape and body.If your chest shape is full, you can choose a style of support to improve the support effect. If it is a flat girl, you can choose a pad style.In addition, the details of lace and perspective should be selected according to their preferences.

Step 4: With clothes style

The combination of sexy underwear and clothes is also very important.If your style of dress is relatively simple, you can choose no trace underwear. If you like a sweet style, you can choose the sexy underwear of lace lace.Pay attention to the overall coordination in combination, so that the perfect whole as a whole is formed between sexy underwear and clothes.

Step 5: Pay attention to the size and details

The size and details of the sexy underwear are very important. If you choose a bra, pay attention to whether it is too tight or too loose, and whether the shoulder strap is easy to fall off. In addition, pay attention to the protection of special skin and sensitive areas.Choosing the right size and suitable style will make you more sexy when you put on.

Step 6: Keep cleaning

It is also important to keep the cleanliness and hygiene of sexy underwear.When cleaning, try to use neutral detergents as much as possible, do not use bleach and sun.When storing, you can use a special carton to store it to avoid direct sunlight and the impact of the humid environment.

Step 7: Choose the style diversified

There are many types of sexy underwear. We can choose diverse, such as decorative sexy underwear, sleeve -free sexy lingerie, vest styles, and so on.At the same time, we can also choose different styles according to the needs of different scenes, such as party and Valentine’s Day.

Step 8: Pay attention to the occasion matching

The occasion of sexy underwear is very important.If you wear it at home, you can choose the style to be exposed, but if you wear it outside, you need to pay attention to the overall coordination and physical nature.In addition, when participating in special occasions, you also need to pay attention to whether it is appropriate to wear, and strive to create a perfect image.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is an art

The road is long, and wearing a sexy underwear is not done overnight. It requires us to spend time and energy to continuously tune.Interest underwear is an art that allows you to show the most enchanting side, but it also requires us to keep clean and hygienic. Pay attention to the matching and overall coordination of the occasion.Let’s discover the beauty of sexy underwear together!

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