Transparent erotic lingerie exposed breasts

Transparent erotic lingerie exposed breast: How to choose the right style

Transparent erotic underwear is a sexy and mysterious clothing that allows women to show their sexy charm.However, the exposed breast style of transparent erotic underwear has also made many women discouraged, and I don’t know how to choose the one that suits them.So, what aspects should I pay attention to when choosing transparent sexy lingerie and exposed breasts?Here are some small suggestions.

Understand your breast type

First, before choosing a transparent sexy lingerie, you need to understand your breast type.Nowadays, there are many transparent and sexy lingerie -dew -exposed breasts on the market. Different styles are suitable for different types of breasts, such as women with large cups and not Symmetrical in shape. You can choose a coach style to adjust the breast shape.Strengthen the style of supporting role.

Choose the right size

In addition, when choosing a transparent sexy lingerie, you must also choose the appropriate size.The size is large and easy to loosen, but it affects the visual effect. If the size is too small, it is easy to tighten the breast. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it will also affect breast health.Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right size to achieve the best dressing effect.

Select the right style according to the occasion

Different occasions need to wear different styles of transparent erotic underwear. Therefore, when choosing transparent sexy lingerie -exposed breasts, you should also choose the appropriate style according to different occasions.For example, in romantic dating, you can choose a lace hollow style, and you can choose a more bold breast exposed breast design in the party.

Only the body shape has a perfect effect

In addition, when choosing a transparent sexy lingerie, you need to consider your own body shape.The suitable styles of women of different body types are also different, such as the styles selected by large breasts and the styles of small breasts.Therefore, according to the characteristics of your body, you need to choose the right style in order to reflect the perfect effect.

Choose a design that suits your style

The design style is also a aspect that needs to be considered when choosing transparent sexy lingerie exposure.Different design styles will have different effects, such as sexy and romantic.Choosing a style that suits your style can make you better feel your personality charm.

Pay attention to comfort

Transparent sexy lingerie -exposed breast style is usually tight, so pay attention to comfort when choosing.You can choose a soft and breathable style, so that wearing is smoother and comfortable, and it will also improve the overall experience.

Try to penetrate before buying

Before buying a transparent sexy lingerie, it is recommended to try on.Trying penetration can better understand your adaptation and whether the effect of dressing conforms to your expectations. Do a few more trials before buying to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and dissatisfaction in the later period.

Keep cleaning

Finally, when wearing a transparent sexy lingerie, you should also pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.It is recommended to clean it immediately after each wear to avoid bacteria breeding and affect your health.


In short, you need to pay attention to the problems of all aspects when choosing a transparent sexy lingerie exposed breast style. From the choice of breast type, size, occasion, body, style, comfort, trial penetration, cleaning and hygiene, you can achieve the best results.Only on the basis of overall consideration can we wear perfect sexy charm.

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