Training mom’s sexy underwear novels

Training mother’s underwear

I am a sexy underwear enthusiast and has long -term research on various types of sexy underwear.Until one day, I encountered a problem: how to make my mother wear sexy underwear and enjoy the fun.In the end, I came up with a method: training my mother to wear sexy underwear.

Step 1: Explain the role of sexy underwear

First of all, I need to explain the role of sexy underwear.Interest underwear is not only an ordinary underwear, it also has other functions, such as increasing interest, regulating the atmosphere, and so on.Of course, in actual wearing, wearers need to realize the unique nature of sexy underwear in order to truly enjoy the pleasure.

Step 2: Choose the right sexy underwear

Next, you need to choose some sexy underwear suitable for mothers.It should be noted that it is necessary to choose according to the mother’s body shape to be comfortable to wear.If you choose a small or too large underwear, it will not only be uncomfortable, but also affect the play.

Step 3: Create a comfortable atmosphere

It is not easy to wear sex underwear, so you need to create a comfortable atmosphere.You can spread soft sheets on the bed, click the fragrant candle, and give your mother a pleasant atmosphere.

Step 4: Guide my mother to put on underwear

Next, you need to guide your mother to put on underwear.You can use some verbal languages, such as: "This underwear is really suitable for you", "Put on this underwear, you will be more confident" and so on.Of course, in this process, you need to pay attention to controlling emotions and tone, so as not to cause discomfort to her.

Step 5: Properly guide moms to play role -playing

When my mother puts on a sexy lingerie, she can guide her to play the role appropriately.For example, playing students, teachers, etc., this will make the whole atmosphere more hot.Of course, in this process, you need to choose according to your mother’s preferences, and you cannot excessively guide.

Step 6: Use sex products

Use sex products is a good way to increase interest.For mothers, you can choose some simple and easy sex products, such as aircraft cups, vibration sticks, and so on.In the process of using sex products, we need to pay attention to hygiene issues and use cleaner for disinfection.

Step 7: Keep respect and safety

Throughout the process, respect and safety must be maintained.Do not adopt compulsory means. Mom feels uncomfortable and should stop the entire process.It should be noted that sexy underwear and sex supplies are just a tool for increasing interest, and cannot be an excuse for bad behaviors or violating morality.

Step 8: Encourage mother to feedback

Finally, you need to encourage mothers to feedback.Only by feedback can we find the shortcomings and continuously improve the entire training process.The letter of her letter should be replied in time so that she can feel her opinions and suggestions.

in conclusion

All in all, training mother’s underwear needs guidance and patience.Only in the environment that meets her needs and security can she truly enjoy the pleasure of underwear and interest.

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