Those hotels have fun underwear

Those hotels have fun underwear

In recent years, more and more people have begun to pursue fun life, and sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of many couples.In terms of accommodation, some hotels have also begun to provide sexy underwear services to bring guests a different accommodation experience.Next, let’s take a look at those hotels that have fun underwear to understand that they can understand when traveling.

1. Large chain hotel

Large chain hotels are the best choice to choose sex underwear.These hotels generally have special sexual supplies to choose counters, which offers a variety of different types of sex products, including sexy lingerie.If you want to enjoy a different accommodation experience, you can choose these hotels, and you can also improve the fun of sex.

2. Quotes Theme Hotel

The sex hotel is also known as the sex hotel, which is a special service -oriented hotel that is different from traditional hotels.This hotel provides a full range of erotic services, including sexy underwear, sex supplies, sex experience, etc., everything is to enhance the interesting experience between guests.If you are full of curiosity and change, choosing this hotel is a good choice.

3. Boutique Hotel

The characteristic of boutique hotels is to focus on design and experience. Their room decoration is generally unique, and generally small.Many boutique hotels also provide sexy lingerie services and are equipped with corresponding sex products. They hope that guests can also increase some fun while enjoying luxury accommodation.

4. Theme apartment

The theme apartment is usually an independent apartment room. If you don’t want to share the accommodation environment with other guests, then the theme apartment is a good choice.Some theme apartments also provide sexy underwear services, similar to boutique hotels, and guests can perform some interesting experiences in private space.

5. Homestay

B & B is a comfortable and affordable accommodation option.Although the accommodation environment of most homestays is not so luxurious, it can meet the basic needs of passengers.Some homestays also provide sexy underwear services, and some passengers can try some different sexual experiences here.

6. Hot Spring Hotel

There are more hot spring hotels with couples as the main source of customers, so this type of hotel usually provides sexual orientation and various sexual products options, and also has corresponding services.Most of the rooms in the Hot Spring Hotel have private ponds, so that couples can enjoy the romantic atmosphere while relaxing their bodies and minds.

7. Youth Hostel

The youth hostel not only serves the accommodation place for the poor, but also gradually becomes a special hotel, providing special accommodation experience for some backpackers and travelers.Some of these youth hostels also provide sexy lingerie services, which allows young people to feel the fun in accommodation.

8. Sauna bathroom

The sauna bathroom is a Japanese -style service place, which generally provides a variety of services.Some sauna bathrooms also provide sexy lingerie services, allowing guests to enjoy the special feelings brought by sexy underwear in the basic sauna experience.


In today’s society, more and more people are pursuing a fun life, which has also brought about the continuous development of the sex life service market.Travel accommodation has also gradually joined this ranks. In order to meet the needs of travelers, some hotels have begun to provide sex services to bring passengers a different accommodation experience.But no matter what type of accommodation when traveling, you must also pay attention to your own safety, cherish your health, and achieve a scientific and healthy interesting life.

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