There is a tail in sex underwear,

There is a tail in sex underwear,

As an emerging fashion clothing, sexy underwear enhances the sexy charm of women through a variety of styles and materials, and has an eye -catching effect.However, the design of sexy underwear not only includes some popular elements and classic designs, but also should pay attention to detail innovation. One of the important details is the tail.

I. The historical source of the tail design

The history of the tail design can be traced back to ancient China, Japan and India.In ancient Chinese traditional operas, tails are often used to represent the identity and status of different characters.There are also examples of tails in traditional clothing in Japan and India.In modern erotic underwear, the tail design has been added, adding more imagination for sex underwear.

II. Type of Tail

There are many types of erotic underwear, including animal tails, angel tails and demon tails.Among them, animal tails are the most common, such as foxes, rabbits, cats, etc. are common tail design.Angel tails and devil tails pay more attention to showing a person’s inner state, such as pure, charming, brave.

III. Material and color of the tail

The commonly used materials for sexy underwear include fake hair, velvet, etc. The color often uses black, white, red, etc. to increase the visual effect.In terms of material and color selection, it is necessary to consider the style and theme of the entire sexy underwear.

IV. The location of the tail

The position of the tail depends on the design of sexy underwear. There are usually two positions, one is on the back and the other is on the hips.The position of the tail needs to be selected according to the personal figure and preferences, so as to better show the sexy effect of sexy underwear.

V. The size and length of the tail

The size and length of the tail are also the factors that need to be considered. Generally speaking, the longer the longer the tail effect, the more obvious, but it is also necessary to pay attention not to be too exaggerated, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics.When choosing the size and length of the tail, you need to choose the overall style of the sexy underwear and the personal figure.

Vi. Tail match

The matching of the tail is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to. The appropriate match can play a finishing touch.For example, with some accessories such as animal ears or angles, it can better present the characteristics of animals.Or match with high heels, gloves, etc., can highlight the overall sexy charm.

Vii. Note

There are also some precautions when choosing and wearing sexy lingerie tails.First of all, you need to choose a tail style, size and length that suits you, which should not be too exaggerated, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics.Secondly, you need to pay attention to the weight and location of the tail, not too heavy, otherwise it will easily fall off.Finally, you need to pay attention to the cleaning problem of the tail, and try to avoid too frequent cleaning to avoid affecting the material and quality.

VIII. The beautiful effect of the tail

The design of the sexy underwear is constantly inspired, and the addition of the tail design makes the sexy underwear more vivid and interesting.In Chinese, "drawing a bend of the moon with the last skirt, or a soft tail like flying birds instead of skirts" describes such a beautiful sexy design such as sexy underwear.As an important detail of a sexy underwear, the tail can play a finishing touch, adding more sexy and mystery to women.

Paying attention to details when designing is a very important part of sexy underwear design, and the design of the tail is also one of the design elements with innovative and characteristic. A reasonable tail design can better embellish and decorate sexy underwear, which is the charm of women.A lot of points.

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