There is a fun underwear physical store in Xi’an

There is a fun underwear physical store in Xi’an


With the development of society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular and loved by women.However, although online shopping is convenient, many women are more willing to decide to buy after trying it on in physical stores.This article will introduce a messy underwear store in Xi’an.

Xinfeng Road Mitt Square

Meit Square, Xinfeng Lu is a large commercial square that integrates shopping, catering and entertainment.Among them, the "Interesting Kingdom" located on the first floor is a physical store that specializes in selling sexy underwear and adult products.The store has a large area, and the style and brand types are also very complete.

Qujiang New District

In the shopping mall and commercial square in Qujiang New District, there are also many physical stores selling sexy underwear.For example, there is a sexy underwear store on the first floor of Parkson Qujiang Store.In the Changan Weiyang Business District, the first floor of the large shopping center RT -Mart also opened a sex underwear counters.

Dazhai Road Pedestrian Street

Dazhai Road Pedestrian Street is one of the well -known shopping streets in Xi’an. There are many well -known brand clothing stores and many professional sexy underwear physical stores.Among them, Weiwei sexy underwear shop is a good choice for women to buy sexy underwear.

High -tech Plaza

Gaoxin Vanke Plaza is a relatively new commercial complex in Xi’an, and you can also find sexy underwear stores here.The sexy underwear stores operated by the peaches on the first floor of the ground, with various styles and affordable prices, which are welcomed by many female consumers.

Yingtan Street Commercial Pedestrian Street

Yingtan Street Commercial Pedestrian Street is a neighborhood with clothing and cosmetics as its main sales product.Among them, there are also many sexy underwear physical stores.Elimi’s waist is one of the more well -known stores, which offers various styles and brand’s sexy underwear. The after -sales service in the store is also quite good.

When will Xi’an buy sexy underwear for the best

For sexy underwear, there is a significant difference in Xi’an season. Therefore, the timing of buying sex underwear also needs to be mastered.In summer, the temperature is high, and people’s dressing styles are even thinner and cool. Women can choose sexy underwear with cool colors and fabrics in this season.In winter, it is best to choose a thicker underwear.

Select sexual underwear precautions

When choosing sexy underwear, in addition to brand, style, price and other factors, you also need to pay attention to whether the underwear is in line with your figure.The choice of underwear size should be correct, otherwise it will not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also affect the aesthetic effect.It is recommended that women choose physical stores with professional consultants to buy underwear suitable for their bodies with the help of consultants.


There are a lot of sexy underwear stores in Xi’an, and all mentioned above are part of them.Female friends can slowly choose in physical stores according to their needs and preferences, and enjoy the joy and confidence of wearing comfortable, close and intimate sexy underwear.

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