The world’s top sexy underwear show


Interest underwear is a clothing that can stimulate human lust, and a dress that makes people more confident and sexy.There are many sexy underwear brands worldwide, and many representative sexy underwear shows have emerged among these brands.This article will introduce the world’s top sexy underwear show, leading readers to feel the dual stimulus of vision and sensation.

Victoria’s secret underwear show

Victoria’s secret underwear show is one of the world’s most representative erotic underwear shows in New York, USA.The show covers more than 50 themes, the most famous of which is the "Angel" style.On the show, the supermodels are dressed in perspective, lace, beads and other outfits. At the same time, the catwalk will show sexy and charm.

Peach hip underwear show

The peach hip underwear show is one of the top sex underwear shows in China, hosted by peach hips one of the most powerful sexy lingerie brands in China.With its high -quality design and excellent production, the show is loved by domestic and foreign sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Lavinia Caber Belle Black Show

Lavinia Caber Black Black Show is a sexy underwear show hosted by the famous sexy underwear brand Lavania Cabernell.The theme of the show is black, and each accessory and dress are black, showing a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

American underwear Fashion Week

American underwear Fashion Week is a grand event for showing erotic underwear, hosted by the United States Yang Sheng Media Group.This fashion week has attracted the global sexy underwear brands to show their latest design and works, which is an important part of the sex underwear industry.

Cat Woman underwear show

The catwoman underwear show is hosted by the famous French sexy underwear brand Chantal Thomass, and its theme is wild and tempting.On the catwoman underwear show, the models will wear catwoman -like clothing to get out of the pace of wild temptation, which makes people look eye -catching.

Violent cheese underwear show

Violent cheese underwear show is a show hosted by the well -known Japanese sexy underwear brand violent cheese. The design and theme of the show are extremely special.The sexy underwear design is very avant -garde and alternative, revealing a spirit of rebellion and challenge.The show enjoys a reputation in the sexy underwear industry.

Milan sex underwear show

The Milan sex lingerie show is the most important fashion feast in the sexy underwear industry. The sexy underwear designers and brands from the world come to participate.The Milan sex lingerie show merges the fashion and classic design style, and is the most influential and trend leader in the sex underwear industry.

Tokyo underwear show

The Tokyo Underwear Show has always been known for its unique and creative design, and is the most avant -garde and alternative show in the sex underwear industry.On the Tokyo underwear show, sexy underwear designers lead the fashion trend and show a visual feast for the audience with a very artistic design.

Gorgeous underwear Show

The gorgeous underwear show is hosted by the French sex lingerie brand Aubade and is a Venice style performance.The beautiful artistic performance and exquisite clothing design of the show have won the favor of countless sexy underwear enthusiasts.

New York Fashion Week underwear show

The New York Fashion Week underwear show is another trend party in the sex underwear industry. More than 40 sexy underwear designers and brands have participated.The show shows the best sexy underwear design works in the world. The designers are famous for innovation and style, which is eye -catching.


The sexy lingerie show is an important part of the sexy underwear industry. The sexy underwear designers stand out because of their innovation and design.These shows provide us with the opportunity to observe fashion trends and taste art. It is a stage that shows confidence and sexy.

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