The term of sexy lingerie customer service

What is sex lingerie customer service?

Sexy underwear customer service is a professional sales representative. It has been specially trained and can provide customers with product knowledge, size suggestions, and pairing suggestions about sexy underwear.The main responsibility of sexy underwear customer service is to help customers choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.

What are the topic of sexy lingerie?

Fun underwear customer service terminology may be unfamiliar with many people.When communicating with sex underwear service, the following are several important terms. You need to know:

1. Cup type

"Cup type" refers to the shape of the bras of the bray underwear.Sex underwear can be classified according to cup types, such as full cups, three -pointers, half cups, etc.Customer service can recommend the sexy underwear cup type that is suitable for your body and preferences.

2. Hook numbers

"Hook numbers" refers to the number of hooks in the back of the sexy underwear.The more the number of hooks, it is easy to adjust the size and make the body more comfortable.You can consult the number of sales representatives to understand the support of love underwear and suitable figures.

3. Material

The material of sexy underwear is very important. Different materials are suitable for different skin types and brands.Sales representatives will introduce you to different materials and help you choose suitable sexy underwear.

4. Suitable occasion

You can wear different erotic underwear on different occasions, such as party, date, party, etc.You can tell your customer service on the occasion and needs to choose the best sexy underwear to make you feel confident and comfortable.

5. Size

Interesting underwear size is very important, and the braid size standards of different brands and manufacturers may be different.Sales representative will introduce you to the best way to select size, and use the size table to find the best size for you.

6. lace

Lace is an important element of sexy underwear design and shape.Sales representatives can show you different lace sexy underwear and help you choose styles that are most suitable for your style and figure.

7. Suggestions

Interest underwear can be matched with different types of underwear.Sales representatives can provide you with suggestions on sexy underwear and panties and help you choose the best underwear to achieve the best results.

8. Cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear

Interest underwear requires special cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it maintains good quality and comfort for a long time.Sales representatives can provide you with the best suggestions for cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear and answer any questions about this.


Communication with sex underwear customer service is the best way to buy sexy underwear.They can help you choose the sexy underwear that is best for you, providing products, sizes, matching and maintenance advice.In addition, you can also enhance your self -confidence by buying sexy underwear, especially when wearing special occasions.

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