The sexy underwear bought temporarily at Meituan


Interesting underwear may be a very private thing to others, but it is a normal thing for my sexy underwear expert.At a certain weekend, I saw some discounted sexy underwear on the Meituan. I bought a set of heartbroken. Let me share with you my shopping experience and experience.


Usually I often understand the information of love underwear from various channels, and I have a certain understanding of the brand and the style.I saw a discounted sexy underwear on Meituan this time, because the price was affordable, I couldn’t help but buy a set.It is recommended that you pay more attention to the discounts and activities of various channels when buying, which can save some costs.

Courier packaging

Many people are worried about whether the express delivery delivery will be found when choosing a sexy underwear.This set of fun underwear was purchased directly on the Meituan. It is more convenient, and the courier also carefully packaged in some ordinary bags.Of course, if you are worried that you can choose to buy some sexual products and e -commerce websites with high reputation, they usually use more rigorous packaging methods.

Quality evaluation

Back to my sexy underwear itself, I was very pleasant to find that the appearance is as beautiful as the picture.The details are handled very well. There are no burrs and rough lines, and the comfort is also very good.This has once again proved the continuous improvement of domestic sexy underwear manufacturing.


The matching of sexy underwear needs to be selected according to its own characteristics.This set of sexy underwear uses the combination of black and transparent materials, with personality and sexy.I personally like to wear black hook noodles, it will make sexy underwear more sexy and eye -catching.

size selection

Selection of the size of sex underwear is very important. If the size is not appropriate, it will affect comfort and beauty.When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size table, and the size of different brands may be different.When I choose a sexy underwear, I will measure my physical data first, and then choose the appropriate size according to the size table provided by the brand.

Word -of -mouth evaluation

In addition to your own evaluation and evaluation, the word -of -mouth evaluation of the brand and product pages can also solve the quality of the affectionate underwear.Some orthodox and well -known sexy underwear brands will have many loyal fans and users. Their evaluation is often very real and targeted.However, pay attention to too much praise, too few bad reviews, and false evaluation.


The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear are also very important.Generally, the material of sexy underwear is more delicate. It is recommended to wash or use professional cleaning products. Do not use too strong detergents.During daily maintenance, you should also pay attention to avoid rubbing with other rough items, avoid sun exposure and high temperature drying, and avoid being placed for a long time.


Generally speaking, choice for sexy underwear needs to establish its own needs and styles, and conduct comprehensive assessment from the aspects of brand and style, quality and word of mouth, size and matching.Interest underwear itself also requires certain cleaning maintenance and daily management.It is said that good erotic underwear can bring sexual stimuli and passion, but more importantly, it is also the expression of women’s self -expression and external beauty.

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