The senior buys a sexy underwear for me

The senior buys a sexy underwear for me

One of my seniors took me to a personalized shop today and showed me various types of sexy underwear.This is the first time I have seen these products, which surprised me.In this article, I will share with you some sexy underwear I have learned in this process.

Appearance and material

The appearance design of the sexy underwear is very attractive, and their materials are also strange.There are soft silk, comfortable cotton, as well as fryo materials with good breathability.Some of these styles also have jewelry inlaid design such as lace, lace, etc., which look very gorgeous.

Cooperate with body shape

For everyone’s body shape, suitable erotic underwear should be able to highlight the advantages of the body and cover the parts they do not like.For example, for women with small breasts, sexy underwear with pads can provide good support and highlight the body lines; for women with large breasts, good -breathable steel -free sexy underwear can make the skin relax and ventilateEssence

Part of

Special designs of the air cushion and crafts inside the sexy underwear, which can portray the curve of the hips.Some erotic underwear even configured built -in vagina, which can provide a more realistic experience.

Sexy and teasing

Different erotic underwear brings different sexy and teasing.For example, open crotch sex underwear is very suitable for couples interaction, because its open design is very irritating.Moreover, there are many sexy underwear for special occasions. For example, there are sexy underwear printed with various seductive patterns in the store. In some special occasions, you will look more sexy.


Many erotic underwear materials need to pay attention to maintenance methods.For example, silk and lace need to be washed with cold water and gently washed, otherwise it will affect its color and shape.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, be sure to confirm the maintenance method of each underwear to ensure that it maintains the best state.

Size problem

Asian women are different from European and American women. Therefore, these interesting underwear is manufactured according to different market needs.When you buy sexy underwear, make sure that the size you buy fully meet your physical standards, otherwise they may be too tight, too large or uncomfortable.


The price of sexy underwear ranges between $ 20 and $ 150, depending on a variety of factors such as types, design, and materials.Some sexy underwear is more exquisite in design and materials, and the price is higher.On the other hand, if you just want to try sexy underwear, then choose some basic sexy underwear!


When you choose a sexy underwear, it is best to choose some styles that suits you.You can buy sexy underwear from the store or online.However, first of all, please confirm your size and the required style, and then choose.Before you complete your purchase, please confirm the return and exchange policy for the sexy underwear.


It should be noted that buying erotic underwear is not necessarily showing off, nor must they be seen by others.Such behaviors only need to meet your sexual preferences and acceptable degree of acceptance, and you don’t have to pay too much attention to the opinions of others.My senior shows me sexy underwear, and may just want to share his thoughts and preferences for him.

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