The only gallery in the beauty of the beauty underwear

Popular sexy lingerie style introduction

Beauty erotic underwear is a special underwear. Because of the uniqueness of the fabric and style, it is more sexy and highly sought after.The following is a popular sexy lingerie style introduction.

Sexy body pantyhose

The emergence of conjoined pantyhose has reduced many women’s wearing vest hammakers, and it looks more beautiful, and can modify the figure. Not only can we wear it at home and flirt, but also wears out with a short skirt.

Hollow underwear suit

The characteristic of the hollow underwear suit is that the material is transparent. The hollow parts show various shapes. It has a sense of visual impact and can show a woman’s body more perfectly.

Three -point sexy underwear

This erotic underwear pays attention to three points, namely lace fabrics, black and red color matching, and the most unique T type.Three -point erotic underwear is currently the most seductive and beautiful sexy underwear.

Really silk hammo sexy sheet

Real silk hammer sexy underwear is a perfect match.The soft silk fabrics are very good, and they can also make women’s figures more sexy and charming.

Leather sex underwear

Leather sex lingerie is mainly based on good texture PU, PVC and other materials. It is currently a more popular sexy underwear.The matching of jewelry and patterns is also more eye -catching.

Pink students in sexy underwear

Pink students have a fresh and cute style in the pink students. The transparent lace carving and bow are very delicate and beautiful. Whether it is male or female, they can not resist.

Kimono sex underwear

Kimono’s sexy underwear is a very unique underwear style. During the design, it takes into account the design concept of Japanese traditional kimono and the creative characteristics of sexy underwear. It is very suitable for women who love literary mood.

Elegant black color sexy underwear

Black is very thin, and daily wear is also very versatile.In addition to increasing sexy temperament, sexy black sexy underwear also has the functions of abdominal laborers, breast enhancement, etc., elegant and beautiful.

Romantic tender pink pornographic underwear

The tender pink erotic lingerie has a strong romantic atmosphere, highlighting the sweetness of women.Especially suitable for lovers in love and taste.

Multifunctional sexy underwear

The characteristics of multifunctional sexy underwear are various wonderful design and colorful colors. Women can choose to match freely according to different occasions. A underwear can change countless styles.


The above is the type of beauty underwear introduced in this article. Each sexy lingerie style has its own characteristics, suitable for different occasions.Women can choose sexy underwear that suits them according to their preferences and figure conditions, and increase their charm.

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