The newly bought sexy underwear is not washed

The newly bought sexy underwear is not washed

Interest underwear is a way to increase interest, but if these underwear is not cleaned before use, it may be harmful to health.Although some people think that the newly bought sexy underwear has been processed, sweat, dust, and other microorganisms will also be attached to the underwear during transportation, storage and sales preparation.Therefore, if you buy new sexy underwear, make sure you clean it first to reduce possible risk and discomfort.In this article, I will explore why I need to clean the newly bought erotic underwear and provide several cleaning methods.

Understand why you need to clean the newly bought sexy underwear

The newly bought sexy underwear is made of manufacturers based on standards, specifications and production processes.However, in order to ensure hygiene and safety, manufacturers will not clean their underwear.Therefore, in this case, you need to clean the newly bought sexy underwear.In addition, the newly bought sexy underwear may go through complex processes such as transportation, processing, storage, and sale. In these processes, they will come into contact with various bacteria and microorganisms.

How to clean the newly bought sexy underwear

Cleaning erotic underwear can pass the following three methods:

1. Use a washing machine to clean

Put the underwear in the laundry bag, use low -mild and mild laundry powder as a cleaner, wash with soft cold water or warm water, and do not use bleach or soft agent.

2. Handwash

Soak the underwear in warm water, add a small amount of laundry powder, and then gently massage to avoid excessive rubbing.Next, wash the underwear with water and dry it naturally.

3. dry cleaning

If the label on the underwear indicates that it can be washed, you can bring the sexy underwear to the professional cleaning shop.

How to protect the sexy underwear that has been cleaned

After you clean your sexy underwear, there are several ways to protect them:

1. Store in a dry place

Make sure that sexy underwear is always in a dry environment during storage to avoid rust or pollution.

2. Put it in a breathable bag

Use dry and breathable bags to easily store sexy underwear to avoid bacterial growth and breeding.

3. Do not mix with other items

Do not mix sex underwear with other items, especially clothes with dyes or chemicals.

What should I pay attention to when cleaning the newly bought sexy underwear

Some precautions can help you get more safer and more effectively clean your sexy underwear:

1. Avoid using bleach

For sexy underwear, bleach is not a good choice.If you use too much, this may damage the fabric and destroy the elasticity and shape.

2. Don’t rub it too much

Slightly lightly shot and massage to wash the sexy underwear.Excessive rubbing will damage the fabric and elasticity and shorten the service life.

3. Pay attention to choose laundry powder

Using mild laundry powder can clean up the sexy underwear well.Use efficient laundry powder may cause irritation or allergic reactions to the skin.

4. Remove labels and decorations

Some labels and decorations may cause damage to underwear, and you can take action alone.

Personalized advice

Everyone has different needs and preferences. Therefore, you can personalize your own sexy underwear cleaning method through the following methods:

1. Use natural cleaner

If you are worried that the use of laundry powder may threaten the environment or your health, you can try to use natural detergents, such as white vinegar, lemon, tea tree oil, etc.

2. Use laundry ball

Washing balls can replace laundry powder or laundry, save costs when washing sex underwear, and more environmentally friendly.

in conclusion

Washing erotic underwear is very important because it can reduce the health and health problems caused by bacteria and microorganisms.It is very important to choose the appropriate cleaning agent and cleaning method, because excessive cleaning may cause underwear wear.In order to protect sexy underwear, you can seek personalized cleaning suggestions and protection solutions.

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