The newly bought sexy lingerie is not washed

Do I need to wash the new sexy underwear?

Many people have a question after buying new sexy underwear: Do you need to wash it to wear it?The answer is yes. Even if it looks very clean, the sexy underwear needs to be worn after being washed.Here are some reasons:

Reason 1: Remove the chemicals left by the manufacturer

During the production process, the manufacturer will use some chemicals, such as chromosome, bleach, preservatives, etc. These chemicals will remain on sexy underwear.These chemicals may cause uncomfortable reactions such as human allergies and skin itching.Therefore, these chemicals need to be removed before wearing.

Reason 2: Remove bacteria and microorganisms

In transportation, display, and trials, sexy underwear may be exposed to a large number of people and items, making the surface that looks clean on the surface may have bacteria and microorganisms attached.These bacteria and microorganisms may cause skin infection and disease.Therefore, it needs to be cleaned to kill or remove it.

Reason 3: Make sure to wear comfortable wear

In the process of production and processing, sexy underwear may apply some chemicals or coatings to protect fabrics or enhance certain functions.If these chemicals are not completely cleaned, they may cause discomfort, such as itching and allergies.Cleaning can remove these chemicals and ensure the comfort of wearing.

So how to wash new sexy underwear?

Step 1: View the washing label

When cleaning new sexy underwear, you need to check the cleaning instructions on the washing label first.Because different fabrics and styles require different washing methods, it is important to clean according to the instructions on the washing label.

Step 2: Soak with warm water

Put the sexy underwear in warm water for a few minutes to soften the stains and bacteria on the surface to facilitate cleaning.

Step 3: Select the right cleaning agent

Choose the right cleaning agent to clean up the sexy underwear more effectively.Be careful not to choose detergents containing fluorescent agents and bleach to avoid damage to the color and fabric of sexy underwear.

Step 4: Gently wash hand

Gently rub the erotic underwear with your hands, do not rub or twist hard.Because it is easy to damage the fabrics and structures of sexy underwear.

Step 5: Wash with water

When cleaning, it is necessary to rinse it with water to avoid leaving any detergent residue.At the same time, rinse with water can also remove bacteria and dirt.

Step 6: Light pressure drainage

Do not twist or dry the sexy underwear after washing.Gently press it after taking it out.

Step 7: dry

Dry the erotic underwear, do not use a dryer or exposure.Because this will harden, deform, and even damage.

Step 8: Storage

Wait for the sexy underwear to dry completely before storage, put it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid humidity and bacterial breeding.


No matter how clean the new sexy underwear looks, it must be washed and used before wearing it.This can not only ensure the comfort and health of wearing, but also extend the life of sexy underwear.

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