The most failed erotic underwear

The most failed erotic underwear

Sexy and attractive sexy underwear has always been an important element that attracts the consumer groups of the night world. Various styles of sexy underwear are also sprung up endlessly. However, there is a problem that it cannot be ignored, which is the cost of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to design sexy underwear to design the most fabrics to reduce costs and obtain greater profits.

1. The simplest sexy lingerie style

What style of sexy underwear is more saving fabric?Usually, the simplest style is the most saving fabric.These erotic underwear can be a simple black lace triangle underwear or a plane black lace bra.This type of sexy underwear is not limited to the size of a small piece of cloth to wrap the body.

2. Use the elasticity of the fabric

On the other hand, we can choose to use elastic materials, such as spandex or elastic lace.This material is suitable for designing tight underwear because it can close the body without more fabrics.At the same time, the elasticity of this fabric can be comfortable when used.

3. Cutting tips

The most eclipsed erotic underwear requires clever cutting skills.This can be achieved by creating shape, using multiple pieces without the bottom, and using the same fabric before and after.Therefore, it can improve the efficiency of fabrics in various ways, while maintaining beauty.

4. denim fabric

Cowboy fabric is a processed durable material that can be used to make wear -resistant and strong sexy underwear, including tight vests, shorts and personal clothes.Using this solid fabric can reduce the number of times and save costs.

5. Ribbon material

The webbing material is very suitable for designing various sexy underwear, especially straps and belts.The advantage of the webbing is relatively cheap and easy to process, and because it does not require a lot of fabrics, it is a very economical choice.

6. Production prominent parts

In order to highlight the physical shape and characteristics of women, sexy underwear is usually designed and decorated with the necessary embellishment in the protruding parts such as chest, waist and hips.However, we must be careful in these decorations, so as not to waste raw materials and increase costs due to excessive fabrics.

7. Create diversification

When designing sexy underwear, we can choose to use fabrics with diversified characteristics, such as patterns, prints, colors, stickers, etc. to make it look more moving.However, at the same time, be careful not to use the fabric too much, and still need to maintain the least and simplest principles.

8. Reduce size

When designing sexy underwear, the method of reducing cloth waste can be effectively reduced to reduce size.If you can choose a standard size suitable for a specific body, you can effectively reduce costs and reduce waste.

9. Provincial fabric is investment

Although provincial cloth is an excellent way to save raw materials and increase profits, as an entrepreneur or manufacturer, it may cause some problems, such as lack of quality, too compact materials, uncomfortable wearing.Therefore, the provincial fabric needs to be correctly balanced and organized to ensure the quality and comfort of the product.

10. Summary

In the production and design of sexy underwear, the best suggestions are to produce products by using high -quality, fashionable and comfortable combination of fabrics.The provincial fabric is very important, but it should not be at the cost of quality.In the process of all design and manufacturing, we must always remember the feelings and feelings of consumers to ensure that the final product is consistent with their expectations.

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